The Temecula Mosque Story

A warning about America's affair with Islam

Why is Islam winning?

The travesty that is taking place in small cities across the country.

Suburban communities are the pulse of the country but their concerned citizens are being ignored by their local and national politicians who refuse to become engaged with those who are fighting against a “Silent Conquer”, the chain of mosques that are quickly encircling our country.

We can learn from “The Temecula Story”, how to be proactive in preventing “Islamic Domination.”

Fear and complacency are the enemy.

 Newly released

the preface of

The Temecula Mosque story

One strong voice is worth the thousand who remain silent

The Temecula Mosque Story

House of worship or house of war?

Co-Authors: Jacqueline Le Beau, Lana Tomlins and Mano Bakh founder of Concerned American Citizens

Concerned American Citizens believe that one strong voice is worth the thousand who remain silent.  Our voice is clear and unrelenting. Our mission is to share knowledge and experience gained from religious and spiritual leaders, constitutional lawyers, and apostates who have experienced egregious seventh century Islamic laws known as “Shariah”. These laws are the part of Islam that condones practices that do not belong in America. To name a few, beheading, stoning women who commit adultery, living with multiple wives, seeking child brides, cutting off hands for punishment, the execution of homosexuals and killing the infidel, the belief that motivated the horror of 9/11, all are practiced in the name of Allah.

Clearly, this value system does not meld with the principals of human dignity.  We, as Concerned American citizens encourage and support American Muslims who are ready to join the growing movement to eliminate Islamic Law, “Shariah”, from the spiritual side of Islam. We deeply respect and protect the freedom for Muslims to have their house of prayer, but we do not tolerate radical Islam or any of the teachings that encourage such behavior. We dedicate these writings to all American mainstream Muslims who respect the United States constitution, who want to live by its guidelines, and who have the courage to speak up for the beauty and acceptance of a loving and peaceful God that honors and respects the dignity of all human beings.

We, Concerned American Citizens, seek clarification. Is it possible for moderate Muslims to eliminate Mohammed’s interpretation of Allah’s words that condemned all who deviated from his Hadiths and the harsh  governing laws of the 7th century that were later expanded by the  governing Caliphs who followed him? History verifies the brutal advancement of Islam through conquering, then killing, all who would not convert. Islam claims credit for the intellectual and creative accomplishments of others, including, the Assyrian empire, the largest empire the world has ever known, as well as, the triumphs of Spain, Turkey and Egypt. These societies were advanced and productive long before Islam absorbed their distinguished achievements through the perseverance of war and forceful submission.

Can the beautiful verses within the Koran now supersede the barbaric 7th century laws of Shariah? Have they been incorporated into the Koran and accepted as the words of Allah? These laws were written during a less civilized time and should not apply in the 21st century. Unfortunately, there are places in the world where these egregious laws are still respected. Their brutality includes circumcision of women, punishment of women who fraternize with men in public, insistence that women shroud their complete bodies in the hijab because they are considered a sexual organ, punishment of women who do not respect male dominance in all decision making within the family, and female acceptance of beating from their husbands as a form of punishment, the killing of apostates, as well as, the killing of the infidel or all who do not follow Islam. Until these laws are publicly denounced by the moderate Muslim and Islamic authorities, we who seek transparency and understanding cannot penetrate the murkiness of Islam. Because of the tragedies of 9/11 and the Fort Hood Massacre, isn’t it understandable to want to dialogue with the Imams of our local mosques and ask if they are accepting 7th century laws that help to inspire these events?  We in America have already experienced the tragedy of radical Islam.  Are there still those in our local mosques who teach this Islamic rhetoric that encourages radicalization?  If Allah, Islam’s God, is a God who inspires injustice and there is not open change to correct this acceptance for demeaning treatment, then perhaps Islam will never be a “religion” that honors the dignity of all human beings.

America lives by a set of honorable and respectable standards, set down, under the United States constitution. We are also a Judeo-Christian country that believes in a loving and forgiving God. These values of decency inspire us to live accordingly. America opens its doors to all who seek freedom and justice and has benefited by the assimilation of many cultures, religions and nationalities who appreciate our democracy. America is a united nation respectfully woven from the strands of its rich multicultural heritage.

We will continue to ask mainstream Muslims to identify the radicals in their midst. It is also time to question the rapid push to penetrate our schools and communities with only positive lessons on Islamic dogma and ignoring Islam’s past brutality. Is denying history only being suggested in order to convert our young people into a flowering religion that might later, after conversion, demand acts to support the laws of Islamic supremacy? We question until the Muslim community eliminates, publicly, those who still contribute to the beliefs of jihad?  As Americans, we respect Muslims right to pray to their God, but we also respect our right to seek the truth about those whose ultimate goal might be for the submission of America and domination under Islamic law. We question the silence pertaining to the Islamic radicals who should be identified. Are they being protected in order to expand the advancement of Shariah in their communities that might ultimately demand the finale of jihad in order to conquer the most revered country in the world?   We are a generous country that allows freedom to those who might ultimately try to destroy the very freedom that protects them. These preceding thoughts were the basis of our movement to create the non-profit Concerned American Citizens organization.

In Temecula, we reached out in friendship to the Muslim community. We asked questions that were left unanswered. We were shunned by the politicians and the community press and called intolerant. They feigned ignorance about Islamic law, Shariah, and refused to engage in any type of logical debate about our seeking transparency in regard to radical Islam? The illusive and infrequent dialogue we were able to initiate with city officials was received with their fears of being personally threatened, as well as the fear of being sued by Islamic organizations, supported by CAIR. Temecula officials found the need to remain politically correct. This was a strong motivating force that clearly brought to light their concerns about losing revered status in their community and loss of governing positions. All city officials unanimously used the Religious Freedom Act to sweep Islam under the rug, The Islamic community also used the Religious Freedom Act under the United States Constitution in stating that because of Islam’s protected rights of religious freedom, they did not have to submit to any type of transparency including their previous publicly recorded rally in 2009 supporting Palestine and Hamas, both terrorists organizations, while demonstrating though the streets of Temecula.   We emphasize again, that the same constitutional excuse was used by both city and state representatives who rejected our questions regarding proven adverse activities that we presented to them. Fortunately, since 9/11, many in our country realize that this type of religious protection, under the Constitution, goes way beyond religious freedom. It is time to seek the truth and understand the real motive of Islamic expansion.  It is also time to eliminate Islamic laws that supersede the United States Constitution and respect and protect only the spiritual side of Islam. As the following story of the Temecula mosque unfolded, we realized that unjust acts were being allowed throughout the country and the silence that protects them is being shrouded in a cloak that must be lifted for the safety of our citizens. It will take citizens in political positions to carry the word to Washington, to the House and the Senate, in order to reevaluate what is encompassed in religious freedom in regard to Islam. Perhaps the eventuality must be a new evaluation of Islam by the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

As Concerned American Citizens, we question and will continue to engage in dialogue to seek the truth.    We now reach out to you, fellow Americans, we are the hub of the country.   We need the help of our citizens to brush aside the cobwebs about the subject of Islam. We embrace those Muslims who will help us with answers and accept moderate Muslims who want to live in America in peace, by cutting ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah who threaten our Jewish ally Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East.  We want to remain one nation under God with liberty and justice for all. We need your dialogue to help separate a totalitarian ideology that has terrorized our Western world, from spiritual Islam. Foremost we feel that we have the right as Americans to seek the truth.

We do not accept the accusations of bigotry. We are seekers of truth because we want to protect our country and we demand transparency.

The beginning

We struggled during our Temecula Mosque journey to be fair in our thinking. We dealt with many confusing and eye-opening events. We would like to call attention to our discovery of how well planned the Temecula Imam and his out of town Interfaith and Islamic supporters were prepared  to capture the support of local city officials, by showing positive comparisons between Islam and other faiths. Their work had been done long before the money was appropriated to build the 25,000 SQFT Temecula Mega Mosque. It would be our suggestion for other communities who have not been subjected to an incoming mosque to start now to research those Islamic leaders who might be planning a similar venture. We were appalled to learn that a once respected Islamic leader was now on the FBI questionable list and was one of the key spokesmen to solidify the acceptance of the Temecula mosque. In spite of these findings, to our confusion, there were those in the cities religious community who strongly assisted in the final conclusion of the vote that allowed the building to go forward.

As we gained information, there was despair in our community because of the lack of discernment from our religious leaders. During our meetings, we tried to remain neutral in our thinking, but realized that what we were asking the local Imam was not difficult to answer. We wanted his confirmation that radicalization would not be taught in his Mosque. After all, the most wanted Islamic terrorist, Anwar Al-Awlaki had recently fled from our neighboring San Diego mosque, a mosque that Imam Harmoush had at one time been affiliated with. Looking back, in reflection about Temecula Muslims 2009 supported March for Hamas against Israel, was one of the things that motivated us to continue to move forward. All of this confusion could have been quickly eliminated by honest dialogue between the Temecula Imam, Concerned American Citizens, and the City Officials. Our letters started to flow in order to educate and reach out to the community.

This was one of many letters written by our community’s concerned citizens. The following was sent to ten or fifteen religious organizations to hopefully motivate them to exercise vigilance by drawing upon their own spiritual education in regard to the radicalization concerning Islam and their suggestions for eliminating our fears.  

“Perhaps my opening sentence will motivate you to crumple this note and toss it in your waste container. Today, I paced the floor trying to decide why I was so depressed. At midnight, I tossed back my duvet, turned on my bedside lamp, picked up my pen and started to write. My heart was heavy, but I finally realized that I was experiencing a deep unsettling loss. My disappointment in Christianity, the loss of church and sadness in knowing that opening the door of the neighborhood place of worship, in a time of despair, might no longer bring comfort or be a sanctuary for those who dare to question.

 “How could I seek solace from a person of the cloth who had deserted a Christian or Jewish flock in order to convert through trust, love and the acceptance of those who might seek our submission?”  

“Obviously, you have been successfully seduced by Islam. They have opened the door to you, but has it been in truth and have you done your homework? Are you more interested in showing love and understanding to those who also wish to convert?  Before, you embrace, it could be so simple. The brutality of the past that desired submission, disrespect for women and young girls, so many things, should be answered. Transparency can be administered with dignity. It is up to the believers of Islam to lead the way.” Unfortunately, you have shut out the Christians and Jews who question and want to have dialogue. Have you closed the door on those who need your protection? “How very sad that your pulpit has become your power or perhaps your refuge.” 

“May God forgive you and guide you back to those of us who also share your love for the almighty, but can no longer follow you, because we feel that to convert might be your only mission.  We stand alone, because you have deserted those of us who question evil. It seems that you are willing to embrace all, even if they are not yet willing to reform. Demand them to step forward and denounce the devil that has previously guided their flock to kill and to deceive so many.” 

“My heart is heavy, but I know God is with us and will help us find a way, and through goodness and firmness defeat deception. Once statements are made to denounce those who might threaten if Islamic law,”Shariah” are no longer honored and Mohammad’s words are questioned, then, and only then, will we embrace and grant our immediate acceptance.” 

“This could be the beginning for honest reform and freedom for Muslims who want to live in peace without having to bond with the barbaric laws of the seventh century. I reach out my hand to you as you do to Islam. My sadness over the similarity is profound. Together, how beautiful it could be if we could accomplish a breakthrough in our country that would benefit all.” 

“There are no easy answers, but perhaps there comes a time when God chooses our battles for us and gives us strength to make wise choices. Protecting good by being cautious seems wise, before we reach out and touch a welcoming hand that might eventually reach back and burn us.” 

“Our opposition is wealthy with roots in Islamic oil producing countries”. “Their Islamic religious leaders and monetary contributors should not be allowed to come into the United States of America, where their wealth and radical ideas can influence young minds, until they commit to support of the United States Constitution and act accordingly.” 

“If we as a country do not become aware of Islam’s well devised plan to slowly take over our country from within another 9/11 will not be necessary. America could possibly be an Islamic country within fifty years. I pray that this will not happen.” 

With Sincerity,   

A Concerned American Citizen. 

Supported by:

Mano Bakh, Jacqueline Le Beau and Lana Tomlins


Watch for the continuing Temecula Mosque Story to be released on Amazon Kindle,…..and posted on the Concerned American Citizens Website:


3 responses to “The Temecula Mosque Story

  1. Thank you for a great post.

  2. Oscar Murdock

    Great account and letter concerning Islam’s encroachment. It is such a pity that among our clergy, politicians and fellow citizens there is such a blindness or reluctance to absorb and trust the warnings from those who have been seeing this sly dumbing down of our awareness or better judgment. Sharia’s cruelty is extremely well known.
    From the regular Judeo-Christian, to Buddhists, to Hindus, to Muslims, to Atheists, to every group, every person should be able to live the American way of freedoms, dignity, love and respect for others. The fact that somer religious, civic and other leaders are willing to surrender to a “sect” that imposes draconian laws on their followers and seek to impose those on others is pure treason. They are unworthy and deserve only to feel shame and also remorse. They are denying us that live here and those who come here seeking a better way of living, the virtues that made America that refuge but which is threatened to be lost only because of their lack of courage and vigilance.

  3. Thank you for the truth. Well written with passion.

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