Obama’s Questionable Agenda …….. Toward Women

Lara Logan, a beautiful CBS reporter, has bravely spoken out against the cloud of confusion that the Obama white house circulated around the premeditated 9/11 slaughter of Ambassador Stevens and three other officials in Benghazi. She is now motivated to voice her opinion because of her own sexual assault and brutal manhandling, while reporting last year , in Cairo Egypt. She portrays the Benghazi attack as a harbinger of growing terrorist networks and attacks against westerners. The seventh century radical Islamic mindset, Sharia, that condoned the ravaging of her body, also advocates the killing of the infidel. The Obama administration is to be blamed for appeasement and concealment of events pertaining to Islamic terror.

Obama needs the vote of American women to carry him to the white house for another four years. As two caring, American women, we speak out with concern. By promising to support policies of equal opportunity and pay, including free birth control, Obama is attempting to blur our vision and  take our rights, as women away, by ignoring  Sharia law that is embedded within Islam. How does bowing to  and supporting  the Muslim brotherhood, who favor  Islam and its governmental  Sharia laws, support women’s rights?  By minimizing terrorist events overseas and here, the Obama administration continues to pull the wool over our eyes.

Together, as women, we must work through the problems that face us, and not be drawn in by a president who has a questionable agenda. This administration ignores these acts of terror by saying we respect freedom of religion in America. Yes, we do, but we protect our freedom of expression and want to expose the values that do not fit into our democratic society. We need to denounce Sharia laws that empower men to treat women as objects to be used as so desired. Without responding to wrong, this president and his administration’s sugar pill approach and lack of strong voice in protest paves the road of weakness for future terrorist acts, including brutality towards women. Let us stand up for our rights and not be swayed by a president with a questionable agenda by exercising our vote against him.

When Muslim women married to Muslim men from Islamic countries, come to America, they bring with them laws and customs that do not mesh with the freedoms that are enjoyed here. Their strict seventh century beliefs are not compatible with a modern society that honors free thinking, and personal dignity and respect between a man and a woman. Behind closed doors, old world laws are often still practiced. Women’s limited privileges within a Muslim marriage often include not having the right to associate or even speak to a man who is not her husband or a close family member, and facing harassment if they do. They are often forced into arranged marriages at a young age. Muslim women frequently face rape and repeated reproduction. They can easily be denied divorce and child custody because the husband’s rights come first. Muslim women are not allowed to marry a non Muslim man. There are punishments set down by Sharia law. Muslim women can be stoned to death or hung for dishonoring their families and can be killed if they leave Islam. In many Islamic countries women cannot be fully educated.

Will Arab Spring bring stronger support for Sharia law in America? Will the re-writing of constitutions in Muslim countries based on Sharia laws make it more difficult to control its brutal practices around the world, even in America? When will the administration stop favoring Islam that includes Sharia laws? The religious part of Islam is protected under freedom of religion, but the governmental Sharia Laws must never be.

Muslim Imams and moderate Muslims in America should be encouraged to come forward and denounce Sharia laws.

It is expected that our President protect our ideals and values.

Our goal as members of Concerned American Citizens is to reassure and educate women about their freedom to act and think freely under the protection of the United States constitution. It is important that Muslim women understand that seventh century Sharia laws of Islam are not binding in America where women’s rights and dignity are respected. As Concerned American Citizens we will expose American Judges who support Islamic rulings which lead to the submission of women.

About the authors

Jacqueline Le Beau is an artist, designer, entrepreneur and Co-Author of the book “From Terror to Freedom” and co-founder of www.ConcernedAmericanCitizens.org. Lana Tomlins is a freelance writer.


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