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MURRIETA: Mosque project an opportunity for outreach?

Hundreds attend lecture hosted by Calvary Chapel Bible College

Editorial Comment:  Joseph Holden is incredibly naive and apparently hasn’t been paying much attention to what Muslims all over the word have been doing to Christians.  He would be well served to understand that this is a cult not a religion.  Islam has the goal of conquering, submitting or death. Perhaps Mr. Holden is unaware that today, 500 Christians were hacked to death for being Christian.  Oh that Muslims have resumed building a mosque over a Christian cemetery It’s time for a wake up call to those that were in attendance. J.C.


A local Islamic Center’s plans for a mosque in Temecula’s Nicolas Valley should be viewed as a “golden opportunity” for area Christians to share their faith and challenge the leaders of the center to open up Islamic countries to Christian missionaries.

North County Times – Californian

 Audience members listen to a lecture on Islam on Thursday at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta. (Photo by Bill Wechter – Staff Photographer)

That was the message shared with hundreds of Southwest County residents who attended a lecture Thursday night that was hosted by the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta.

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