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  1. Please let me know whrere the location is.

  2. Your lawyers need to go over your proposed legislation again. Number 6 would ban ALL religion in the US, and will particularly ban Christianity, as Evangelicals, Catholics and many Protestants believe their religions are superior to all others, and that believers in other faiths, and even other Christians, are all going to hell. Moreover, the Bible contains “harsh” punishments, including stoning for adultery, and death for petty crimes. Your law will not pass Constitutional scrutiny.

  3. I read the petition to my students and we discussed the huge difference between “5 pillar Islam” and the Sharia law. I was praying with my classes today about your petition delivery at 10:00. We also prayed around the flagpole yesterday for America and its Constitution. Please post on your site what the outcome is/was!

    Proud of all the citizens who showed up Monday night–American first amendment at its finest. God bless you!

    • consernedamericancitizens

      God bless you History Teacher…..I’m sure your students are learning real history in spite of the the teaching materials provided.

  4. During the planning commission meeting, a man testified that St. Nick’s was told to forget about requesting a permit to build a church in this area. State law requires that all religious organizations be treated equally. The Muslims need to be told, “Forget about it”.

  5. let’s break this down:
    p1:Concerned American Citizens respect religious freedom and are offended by the Temecula Planning Commissions ill-informed accusations.

    response: You do not respect religious freedom since you are blatantly advocating for the exact opposite.

    p2: The United States Constitution is the highest law in the land and can not be subjected to any other legal code.

    p3:The fundamental claims of Islam’s’ Shariah is that it is the highest law in the world and that all other legal codes must submit to Islamic Law.

    p4:“Shariah Law” is being legitimatized under the cover of religion. The first amendment is being used to destroy article 6.

    response: I completely agree with statement p2, therefore why should we ignore it. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    saying that congress has not found the same “unconstitutional” a smaller body of the government should not be allowed to make this decision for them.

    p5:Freedom of speech is being denied when those of us who criticize Islamic Law “Shariah Law” are being called bigots.

    Response: You were free to state your opinions. You stated said opinions and freedom of speech allowed for people to respond. A social back lash for views that are controversial should be expected from an organization with end goals such as yours. This argument is ridiculous because freedom of speech does not mean the government or any body will interject from an individual expressing opinions about another individual
    p6:There should be no preferential treatment.
    response: There shouldn’t be, all religions set forth rules and norms for those that fallow them. Sharia law should be looked at similarly to the ten commandments. It would be ridiculous to say that one is okay and the other is not in the eyes of the constitution.

    • consernedamericancitizens

      James cool the language buddy. Read the First Amendment, it says Congress shall make no law regarding freedom of religion. Are you telling us that the ignorant fools on the city council are are now members of congress? This has nothing to do with Church and state Moron. May your ignorance subject all the women in your lives to Sharia Law, that is apparently what you desire.

  6. you bitch about freedom of speech yet you moderate your replies?


  7. Just a lttle side note. Somewhere in Spain where they wanted to build a mosque, during the night, someone dug a hole on the property and buried a pig. GUESS WHAT ! NO MOSQUE BUILT THERE………….

    • consernedamericancitizens

      We do not believe what they did in Spain was correct. We have to remember that our crusade is against the barbaric laws within the Islam. We do not have to change our focus from Islam ideology to Muslim people.

  8. Dunno how much truth there is to Mary Palmer’s side note. I’ve heard the same thing both from Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs and Andy at Blue Collar (represents some of the people who would do the construction work at Ground Zero), as well as a few other sources. But I hope it is correct.
    That, especially in light of today’s (1/27) U-T report on the appeal denial.

    Best wishes!

  9. You are not concerned citizens but uninformed citizens. You should study Islam first from a muft (scholar of Islam). You will discover the truth and accept it and you will be successful in the hereafter when there will be no helper buesides the almighty Allah who send all the prophet from Adam to Muhammad for our guidance.

  10. consernedamericancitizens

    I am very well informed about Islam. I am a former Muslim. I know what I am talking about. You need to educate yourself about the truth of Islam. Do not believe all what they tell you.
    Thank you

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