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You are invited to a night of education on Islam and Sharia law by Concerned American Citizens

Concerned American Citizens

Invite you to

A night of education on Islam and Sharia law

September 20, 7:00 PM

Temecula Community Recreation Center

30875 Rancho Vista Road

Temecula, CA. 92593

We as Concerned American Citizens do not need feel guilty about defending the future of our country. Our rightful concerns and fears are about accepting a totalitarian ideology that has given us example after example of terror and misdeed.


Nonie Darwish (world renowned author and speaker) Cruel and Usual Punishment Speaking on Sharia Law.

Kevin Diekilman Senor Pastor Simi Valley Christian Church,

Speaking on Women’s suppression in Islam.

James Horn author Di Di Daw Daw Di Di   speaking about Islam influence in US Government.

Mano Bakh’s Author of Escaping Islam presents Islam conquest in the world.


Opposing the Mega Mosque in Temecula.

Free admission

Please sign petition in next post down.