Our Purpose


Promote the separation of Islamic Law “Shariah” from spiritual Islam.


As Concerned American Citizens our Mission is to:

Establish the Concerned American Citizens (CAC) as a responsible, informed, patriotic national organization dedicated to:

1- Encourage separation of Islamic law “Shariah” from spiritual Islam.

2- Develop a coalition with moderate Muslims and Imams throughout the country for promoting Islamic reform in America.

3- Encourage continuous dialogue with moderate Muslims in America to publically denounce all Islamic terrorist activities.

4- Support all moderate Muslims who expose any Islamic organizations or Imam that promotes radicalization and Jihadist activities.

5- Hold moderate Muslims in America accountable to publically speak out and denounce Islamic Law “Shariah”.

6- Defend the US Constitution as the highest law of the nation that supersedes Islamic law “Shariah”.

7- Conduct educational seminars, interviews and articles to clearly demonstrate that seventh century’s laws are not compatible with democracy.


Concerned American Citizens urges all American Imams and their followers:

1- To refuse to accept financial support from Muslim countries that embraces the Islamic principle of “Conquer, Convert or Kill.”

2- To condemn all Islamic terrorism.

3-To strongly oppose to submit to visiting foreign Imams who demand loyalty to their extremist ideas.

4- To report to law enforcement authorities any and all members of their group who espouse a radical jihad idea or plan.

5-To speak out and denounce the terrorist acts of their radical brothers, and to deplore the killing of innocents and other terrorist acts.

6-To be transparent about the financing of their mosques and operations.

7- To put their sermons on-line as do other religions.

8- To promote separation of mosque from State.

Executive Summary

Concerned American Citizens is an organization dedicated to promoting the separation of Shariah from spiritual Islam by:

1. Educating America’s political and religious leaders, media, educators and concerned citizens about the Islamic governmental law (Shariah).

2. Strongly supporting freedom of religion including practicing spiritual Islam, but denouncing seventh century barbaric governmental laws “Shariah”.

3. Revealing how Islamic law “Shariah” is directly opposed to the freedom, equality, decency, human  rights as stated in the Constitution of the United States.

4. Explaining Muslims demand subjugation to Islamic law “Shariah” as the highest law in the world.

5. Exposing how Islamic law “Shariah” suppresses women and dictates cruelty and torture.

6. Inviting Moderate Muslim’s authorities to join our crusade to establish a moderate Islam with no Shariah Law.


Concerned American Citizens organization intends to communicate mainly through internet websites. www.ConcernedAmericanCitizens.org and in social media sites such as Facebook.  Concerned American Citizens shall conduct “nights of education seminars” including experts on Islamic law “Shariah”, Constitutional law, religious leaders, apostates and related authors.

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