On the AIR

Mano Bakh has been invited in numerous radio interviews  and speaking engagements at different reputable political and religious organizations. Below is a list of the most recent engagements.

Jan. 14, 2011       Speaking              Republican Women Fallbrook.

Fallbrook, California.

Jan. 07, 2011       Speaking              Temecula City Council meeting

Temecula, Ca.

Feb. 08, 2011      Speaking              Conservative Order for Good Government

San Diego, Ca.

Mar. 01, 2011     Speaking              ACT Murrieta, Temecula, California

Mar. 17, 2011     Speaking              Republican Women Club

Vista, Ca.

Apr. 14, 2011      Speaking              West Valley Republican Assembly

Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

May 17, 2011      Radio                     Moody Broadcasting Radio interview with Janet Parshall                                                                                        http://www.moodyradio.org/brd_ProgramDetail.aspx?id=70367

June 03, 2011     Speaking              Whittier Republican Women Federated, Wittier, CA.

June 07, 2011     Radio                     WKTO Radio interview, Daily Moments,                New Smyrna, Florida

June 08, 2011     Radio                     WTLN Radio, Crosstalk with Allan Dempsey Orlando, Florida

June 08, 2011     Radio                     KFAX Live Show with Craig Roberts

San Francisco, CA

June 09, 2011     Radio                     KPDQ Radio, Mars Hills

Today with Joe Gonzalez, Portland Oregon

June 09, 2011     Radio                     Messiah’s Branch Radio, Prophecy Hour,  Wichita, Kansas


June 13, 2011     Radio                     KNEO Radio, Cross Point

Joplin, Missouri

June 23, 2011     Radio                     WYSA Radio, Morning Mayhem Show

Toledo, Ohio

June 27, 2011     Radio                     KBJS Radio, Take 5

Tyler/Jacksonville, Texas

June 29, 2011     Radio                     WHKW Radio, Living the Word, Glenn Mertz, Cleveland, Ohio

July 05, 2011       Radio                     WMPC Radio, 60 Minutes live with Penna Dexter, Flint, MI.

July 13, 2011       Radio                     KPDQ Radio, The Georgenne Rice Show, Portland, Oregon

July 25, 2011       Radio                     KPOF Radio, The Morning Show

Denver, Colorado

July 27, 2011       Radio                     Viewpoint Radio with Charles Crismier Richmod, VA.

Aug. 02, 2011     Radio                     Advantage Radio Network with Greg Hennis Millville, New Jersey

Sept 01, 2011     Radio                     WDCX Radio with Kurt Goff

Buffalo New York

Sept 05, 2011                                      Point of View Radio Talk Show


Sept 08, 2011     Radio                     KRKS Radio with Gino Geraci

Denver/Boulder Colorado

Sept. 16, 2011     Radio                    Radio Deadly with Michale Graves


Sept. 24, 2011     Radio                   Eagle Forum Radio with Phyllis Schafly
http://www.eagleforum.org/radio/mp3/2011/Bakh-09-24-11.mp3St. Louis, Missouri


Oct. 01, 2011       Radio                WYLL Radio, Lifelane 180 with Karl Clauson       Chicago, Illinois

Oct. 12, 2011         Radio               KPDQ Mars Hill Repeat with Joe Gonzalez   Portland, Oregon

Oct. 12, 2011           Radio             KFAX Radio lifeline with with Craig Roberts     Bay area, San Francisco, CA.
Oct. 13, 2011           Radio              The Guardian Blog Talk with Rebecca Deseriohttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/rebecca-diserio/2011/10/14/christians-are-being-killed-join-mano-bahk-for-truth

Oct. 21, 2011          Speaking at SouthWest Conservative Republicans The history of Iranian Nuclear program

Oct. 22, 2011           Radio       WYLL Radio, Lifelane 180

Chicago, Illinois

Oct. 31, 2011            Radio       WORQ Stand up for the truth

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Jan 14, 2012             Barnes & Noble Book signing Fullerton, CA.

January 18, 2012          Speaking at 9:00AM    Trinity 26820 Adam Ave Murrieta

February 01, 2012       Conservative Prime Time Radio


Feb. 08, 2011                 Speaking at The Continuing Education Center in Rancho Bernardo Remington Club II.

Feb. 09, 2012                Speaking at the Friendly Hills Women’s Club,  Whittier, CA


One response to “On the AIR

  1. Good show Mano, we should go on together as a tag team. J.C.

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