The Quiet Conquer

Islam’s Strategy in the U.S.
Written by: Jacqueline Le Beau and Lana Tomlins
Contributor:  Admiral Mano Bakh

A deafening silence followed after the hammering of the gavel. Our hearts were filled with sadness. We were shocked to witness Temecula’s city council  easily rule in favor of establishing a mosque in our community in January of 2011 without further review.  After eight and a half hours of impassioned and convincing arguments, given by valiant and caring citizens, to postpone, a final decision was rendered ignoring the  ideals America was built on. Our anger could not be contained and  tears flowed with a knowing that things must change.
Our forefathers shed blood to cut loose from the shackles of religious monarchies and tyrannical regimes that dictated what one was to pray and how one was to behave.  They came to the shores of America based on ideals that were protected by the separation of church and state. The freedom to choose what and how to pray is an engram deeply engrained on the soil we walk on. Our democracy has come under pressure before from religion-based  groups who try to force their ideology onto our political process. Although our constitution was founded under Judeo-Christian values, we welcome other religions, as long as they do not harm others. Today, some Islamic religious groups are using their constitutional rights to establish their own rule of law. The very form of government we enjoy is now at risk from people who are using it to force their own antiquated values on us, while our current administration prefers to turn a blind eye and support the events that are enfolding to make up the quiet conquer.
In most Islamic countries,  church and state are the same and individuals often do not have freedom of  choice or expression.  In other  Islamic countries, individual freedom of thought is replaced with a demanded reverence and obedience to Allah’s words, recorded by the prophet Muhammad. In many societies, Allah’s messages supersede all individual decisions involving current day life-style and behavior by bowing in honor to the laws of the seventh century. In America, we have grown up exercising  freedom of choice, as a natural right, but we must be aware of an ideology trying to usurp these freedoms: Shariah.
Shariah is a supremacist, totalitarian set of governmental laws that narrowly controls individual behavior which embeds itself into the religion of Islam.  It can involve radical behavior. In its strictest form, Shariah is considered the infallible law of Allah and there is no room for human interpretation. These laws encompass how to deal with crime, politics and economics, and in personal matters, sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer and fasting. In this country, shariah is dressing itself with the cloak of  “freedom of religion” and silently spreading into our schools, universities and governmental institutions. This “quiet conquer”, in its extreme form, breaches completely the line between church and state, compelling  the individual to comply with a series of mandates based on barbaric, 7th century law.
An example of the “quiet conquer” was demonstrated in 2010, when citizens of a small, suburban community in Temecula, California began asking questions about the construction of a proposed 25,000 sq. ft. mosque. This sizable house of prayer for  a 120  Muslim families seemed out of proportion  to the square footage requirements of other denominations in the area. How would such a sizeable structure relate with other mosques in surrounding communities? What would be the impact to the community? It was well known that one of the 9/11 suicide bombers was matched with  a Saudi financier in separate mosques in nearby San Diego county. As we unpack this San Diego meeting place and explore its usage to foment the violent political action of 9/11 we felt our concerns were justified. With this in mind, turmoil evolved among local citizens, especially with those  residing in the surrounding area, who were concerned about immediate traffic and and the city’s concern about environmental issues; However, the explosive controversy initiated heated conversation for the many who voiced their opinion on the positive and negative consequences of embracing and welcoming an  Islamic center of this magnitude.  All of this became exciting press for the local, national and international newspapers.
It was later discovered that long before the plans for the mosque were proposed, the preparatory groundwork had been completed by local Islamic leaders, who anticipated confrontation. There appeared to be an impressive, well-orchestrated  and funded program similar to the support other proposed mosques were receiving throughout the country.  The Islamic Center of Temecula Valley had formed a series of coalitions with community Christian pastors and Jewish rabbi’s, giving credence to a united religious front, omitting any discussion of the teachings of Shariah and radicalization within the mosque. Non-Muslim followers acceptance into the mosque made it difficult to determine whether this was a house of prayer or a house of radicalization. This group, known as the Interfaith Council, created a non-political demeanor for the Islamic Center in front of city officials. Meanwhile, an increasing number of local citizens were concerned about the possible radical infiltration of Islamic terrorists into the community. This powerful subject was not brought forward by the city and local Imam, who had become the leader of the Interfaith Council.
The Temecula city mayor, council and planning commission, composed predominantly of real estate developers, did not address the important concerns of many of its citizens. Rather, they wanted to move the decision on the mosque rapidly so as to preserve the importance of the city’s good image by showing respect for ” freedom of religion”. Much to the surprise of the towns elected officials, the horror and memory of 9/11 erupted into a torturing saga for those who were brave enough to come forward and question the ideology that inspired such a destructive event. It was impossible for many Temecula citizens not to relate this horrific incident to concerns for home town safety. The barrage of questions that followed, unfortunately remain unanswered.
Who was the local Imam? What were his views on Shariah law and radical Islam? The peaceful and seemingly benign interfaith council was sharply questioned by only a handful of  Christian pastors, Jewish rabbis and local citizens. Some who, in the past, had been maligned by  harsh and brutal actions taken all in the name of Shariah. These questions continue to remain unanswered. What was unacceptable to most was the inability to do anything  about Shariah law that has as one of its goals to dominate all other religions through force. What was acceptable to most citizens was a mosque as a house of prayer, not a house of radicalization. Our forefathers were very clear as to what they meant by “freedom of religion”. “Religious freedom” does not mean harming mine in order to practice yours.
Most concerned American citizens choose to defer confrontation regarding Shariah practices that appeared to be moving forward with a momentum and a force that, if not addressed, would have been difficult to reverse. How often have we backed away instead of stepping forward in defense of our country and our constitution? A few members of the community, realized the seriousness of the movement and courageously expressed their views by documenting some of  the egregious practices of Shariah. Today, Muslim men who live in the United States are being encouraged by Shariah manuals to kill anyone who disrespects or oppresses Islam and commit violent acts against the very people they should be protecting, their wives and daughters. In 2008, an Egyptian-born cab driver, Yasser Said killed his two teenage daughters on New Years day in Texas because they were dating non-Muslim boys and ran away from home a week earlier for fear of being killed. Said is currently on the FBI most wanted list, but his brother said that such behavior is considered an “honor killing ” and can be justified in Islam because the daughters behavior  brings great dishonor to the family. There are growing multitudes of such killings that are surfacing in our courts.  In family law cases, many Muslim women who  have immigrated to this country seeking freedom and believing they would be protected by our constitution instead have to succumb to Islamic family laws.
A plethora of unanswered letters with only a few granted city meetings brought frustration to many but could not bring a delay for an immediate vote ignoring the citizens desires for a city-sponsored open forum. The silence from elected officials was alarming. The alarm bell still did not ring when it was confirmed  that previous local newspaper records revealed that the self acclaimed non political Temecula Imam had previously marched in the city streets of Temecula in support of Hamas and Hezbollah. This was a clear indication that the Imam  had a desire to change our country’s government. His recorded refusal to denounce these terrorist organizations on national television was also noticeably ignored by city representatives who continued to sweep all of the controversy under the rug with a very broad broom while attaching the label of bigoted persecutors to those who only wanted answers to questions.
During the heat of the fray, surrounding communities stepped forward in support, relating their own experiences of local government resistance   toward any questioning about radical Shariah practices within incoming mosques. These mosques, having apparently unlimited funds, and backed by out of town organized Islamic support groups,  were well-rehearsed, in making  it clear that they are entitled to their constitutional rights. It became apparent to some citizens that,  city by city, Shariah was winning. With the passage of time, we continue to watch communities bow to political correctness and turn their backs on those who question. It appears that mosque after mosque is becoming  a link in forming Islam’s desired chain that surrounds our country.
Without conflict or clash, America’s infidels succumb and  bow in submission to this quiet conquer. In looking back, we confirm our beliefs based on our experience in Temecula, growing Islamic elitist groups who pressure citizens who ask questions, must not be ignored . We now question, will our FBI and Homeland Security be able to take care of our national security concerns without the ability to investigate groups who blatantly announce that they do not have to answer questions because they have been given the privilege of assembly supported by our constitution? Was acknowledgement of Islam as a religion in this country flawed without first eliminating Sharia governmental law.
In the end, decisions made during Temecula’s final council meeting are still those  to reflect upon. When that defining night arrived, it was time for the city to pass judgment on the charade that had become a national topic. As the months have now passed, the conclusion seems to be an experience to learn from. However, it is up to the American people to  decide whether to  push back on the growing acceptance of the quiet conquer that continues to create a ground swell that is spreading at the community level throughout small town America.
The memory of the drama continues to haunt our reflections of a battle lost when on January 26, 2011, in Temecula’s just completed opulent seventy-five million dollar city hall, it all ended with undeniable drama. This new umbrella of justice housed the evening’s final appeal while those in power held court. The audience was dominant “developing world”, stacked by CAIR and the Muslim Affairs Council, with a sprinkling of worn but valiant and caring citizens still with concerns. The press eagerly skirted the crowd to put their slant on the final event. Bigotry and persecution were their usual themes, not concerns about creeping Shariah, radicalization and secret monitory origins that continue to support the “quiet conquer.”  Laughter and heckling came from the rear as splendid chandeliers shed soft light on the evening’s well-staged performance.
Yes, some battles were won about the traffic and building placement, but the evening’s defiant verbiage made it clear that our community and constitution had been threatened while our local politicians  turned the other way, disregarding Shariah and making allowances for those who are unwilling to assimilate into the fiber of America.  The quest for transparency had been the goal of some citizens. Amazingly, the Temecula Imams known support for terrorist organizations had been established, but those holding court, at evenings end,  preferred to ignore , by using “religious freedom” to close the door.
Now in 2012, during the fury of America’s present day elections, the demise of Bin Laden has been praised, however the current presidential  disregard and unspoken acknowledgement of advancing Muslim Brotherhood dominance in Middle Eastern countries is blatantly ignored and most certainly supported with the administrations continuing monetary funding to the unknown  Islamic power that threatens both Israel and America.
With the strong emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood, it becomes apparent, especially in Egypt that radical Islamic leaders are making great headway. Isn’t it time to ask ourselves how will this fuel the quiet conquer within America that has an orchestrated plan to destroy western civilization?

As we deal with approximately 3,000 existing mosques in America, which are presently preaching the word of Allah, inclusive of Shariah governmental codes of conduct, should we not continue to evaluate the quiet infiltration of Islamic human values that erode the foundation of our democratic society? How is it possible that the very people responsible for 9/11 are now forcing their will on our communities? Why are we as Americans who sacrificed so much in the past so quick to give up the very freedoms we fought and died to gain? As we evaluate, the additional planned 3,000 mosques in the United States over the next few years, should we not push for rulings at the supreme court level, that allow for the peaceful integration of this religion and its followers consistent with our values?
As we study the intricacies of Islam, we find complexities that are troubling and difficult to understand. Behind the closed doors of the mosque, sometimes there are dark figures expounding death in order to bring glorious rewards for those who are working for the expansion of a religion that in many instances, openly supports the killing of another. Yes, again, we speak out in frustration.  Bigotry is the word used against any who dare to question the Sharia practices, yet, is it not true, that they, who hide behind the “persecution accusations”, are cleverly practicing the worst form of bigotry against all who dare to question a barbaric ideology within the religion of Islam? It appears that, silently, others within the faith watch and condone. If, moderate, why don’t they speak out against the radicals? Is it fear of being accused of apostasy, including the punishments that follow, or is it the acceptance of those who dare to become the martyr for the expansion of Islam? Perhaps the fear of Allah’s wrath, interpreted by Mohammad, is the true reason for silence. Until those in the house behind the door decide to remove the dark figures that lurk in the corners and until they have the courage to initiate reform, there might always be danger for those who try to expose the facts regarding a religion that embraces Shariah practices .Since 9/11, we in America have accepted the removing of our shoes in an airport and endangering our bodies to radiation. Why do we allow our liberties to be taken from us and  accept the ranting of those who are politically correct and preach leniency for others who continue to aggressively move forward with the quiet conquer of Islam?

About the Authors:

Admiral Mano Bakh was born a Muslim in Iran. He was appointed Admiral under the Shah of Iran. He is a recent author of the book ” From Terror to Freedom” and founder of Concerned American Citizens (
Jacqueline Le Beau is an artist, designer, entrepreneur and co-author of From Terror to Freedom.
Lana Tomlins is a freelance writer, living in the Temecula area.


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