Commentary By Mano Bakh

Wednesday September 12, 2012

During the month of March of 2012 I was diagnosed with advanced Prostate Cancer. I had been involved with serious Radiation and Hormone treatment. The results had been satisfactory and I am back again.

I am blessed to once again be able to communicate with Concerned American Citizens. I look forward to hearing from you and having an open debate about our love of country and unfortunately the dangers that still face us. Educating ourselves and remaining aware can be our salvation during these difficult economic times both at home and aboard.

Please be aware of upcoming articles written by members who continue to display commitment and passion. We as citizens from small communities as well as large must reach out and join hands and voices to direct our politicians as our needs. Let us not ever forget that we the people are United States of America and those who elect should be committed to being our voice.

Tuesday May 15, 2012

I send the following email to my list. How ungrateful the co-founder of Facebook can be.

Dear Friend,

I am trashing my Facebook accounts and I am asking you to do the same.

Saverin is child of a wealthy Brazilian businessman. His father was well-enough off in Brazil that young Saverin, at age 13, was on a list of people targeted by Brazilian kidnap gangs, Pando Daily reports.

Seeking safety, Saverin’s father moved the family to the United States. America was willing to take the young boy in, give him a safe home, a home away from kidnap gangs, a home with baseball and apple pie.

To make a long story short, Saverin teamed up with Zuckerberg and the Facebook venture was on its way. Facebook, of course, rolled out to U.S. colleges, nearly all of which were living to one degree or another, off U.S. tax dollars.

Twists and turns later, Saverin used the U.S. court system to sue for, and win, a disputed share of Facebook ownership.

And now, Saverin stands to make billions off an IPO on an American stock market and he is renouncing his United States citizenship to avoid taxes.

If he stayed in America, he’d have to pay taxes on almost four billions. Sure, that’s a lot of money, but it’s not like he wouldn’t still be left with a few billion after paying his due. So, it’s not like he would be destitute and living in the streets. He might only be able to afford a hundred mansions instead of a hundred and fifty.

Saverin owes his life to America and he is denouncing his United States Citizenship to avoid taxes.  I am trashing my Facebook accounts and I am asking you to do the same.

Thank you

Mano Bakh

Friday April 20, 2011

A note from Iran – “We made mistake”

Thirty two years after Iran’s Islamic revolution, I received the following note from an Iranian woman. I found this note JUST and TIMELY. I feel that it has already been demonstrated that in Egypt and other Arab countries that the “Arab Spring” has not brought true democracy but a gain in the rise of strict Islamic Governmental laws, under the cloak of religion. The young woman who sent me a note, wrote the following:

We made a mistake in 1979, when we shouted, demanding “Freedom, independence and Islamic Republic”. We made mistakes because we had no clear understanding about freedom and we had no idea what an Islamic Republic was all about.

We made a mistake not to review Khomeini’s view concerning women’s rights.

We made a mistake not to doubt Khomeini’s promises. Free oil, free communication systems and free transportation”.

We made a mistake not to read Khomeini’s ideal constitution “Valayete Faghih”.

A leading Iranian economist made a mistake when he deceived the public, Saying: One day of Iranian oil revenue can cover several times around the world with 50 Rials bank notes.

We made a mistake when we exaggerated by saying that “We had over one hundred thousand political prisoners.” Causing the west assisting Khomeini’s return to Iran.

We lied by telling to the media that those who drowned at sea, because they did not know how to swim, were killed by the SAVAK.

We made a mistake by voicing Khomeini’s ideas as our own.

We made a mistake by not to studying history and learning more about Islamic governmental laws.

The Shah’s regime made a big mistake by paying for students in Palestinian camps, where they learned how to attack police and set fire to banks.

We made a mistake by believing propaganda about free American milk distributed to Iranian schools, containing chemicals that made our children have confused minds.

We made mistakes believing that Mullahs were preaching spiritual Islam in mosques. They actually were encouraging the people to rise up against the Shah’s government and our constitution.

We made a mistake spending the government’s money for the installation of closed circuit Television in many schools and Mosques that was to be used to broadcast Khomeini’s messages.

It was a mistake for the oil refinery workers to go on strike, demanding a percentage of oil revenue as Khomeini had earlier promised.

We made a mistake in believing that the Shah of Iran was a dictator and selfish, when, actually he left the country to avoid the bloodshed of his people.

We made a mistake to trust the Mullahs and believe unconditionally whatever they said.

We made an unforgivable mistake to allow Islamic expansion in our communities that destroyed Iran, our reputation and our children’s future.

This simple note may be a lesson for those in advanced democratic countries that allow more Islamic organizations to surface and to support unusual demands based on the freedom of religion.

Islamic religion obviously includes more than just spirituality!

Saturday December 31, 2011

The Strait of Hormuz – “Testing the waters”

Facts must be known by the free world.

The Strait of Hormuz is a narrow waterway connecting the sea of Oman to the Persian Gulf. It forms naturally the narrowest point between Omani and Iran. It is about 21 nautical miles wide, mostly shallow water. On the north of the Strait of Hormuz is the Iranian coastline and Oman is located on the south of the Strait of Hormuz with its rocky peninsula called Musandam.  There is a monitoring radar (LQI) located on a small Island on the peak of this peninsula, operated by Oman. Oman monitors the waterway traffic twenty four hours a day. The ownership of the Strait of Hormuz waterway does not belong to Iran or Oman, it is considered an international waterway.  All sea vessels can pass through the Strait of Hormuz, in and out, freely without any interruption.

Most of the waterway outside of the Strait of Hormuz is shallow and rocky, particularly in the northern part, closer to the Iranian coastline. Therefore it is impossible for large ships and oil tankers to navigate through this shallow area. The navigational deeper water is further from the Iranian coastline and closer to the southern shores of Oman. However, inside of the Persian Gulf the underwater situation is reversed and the deeper water is further from Oman and part of the navigational waterway falls within Iranian territorial waters (within 12 Nautical miles). Any ship prior to entrance into the Persian Gulf must navigate through the Oman and Emirate territorial water and while inside the Persian Gulf must pass through the Iranian territorial water.

All ships going through the Strait of Hormuz must follow the international Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS), which separates the inbound traffic from the outbound traffic. Most of the time the navigational condition in the Strait of Hormuz is difficult due to high wind and rough sea.  The navigational part of the Strait of Hormuz is only six miles wide. It is divided into three corridors.  The inbound corridor is two miles wide and the outbound corridor is two miles wide. They are separated by two miles separation median from each other to reduce the risk of collision.

The narrowest point of the entrance of the Strait of Hormuz is about 56 Kilometers wide. The depth of the water at the entrance is about 100 meters and the sea floor gradually deepens to a maximum of 900 meters.

The closure of the Strait of Hormuz is possible in theory but extremely difficult and very probably impossible in practice.  In order to understand the magnitude of this difficult task for the closure of the Strait of Hormuz, it would require blocking at a minimum of 36,000 linear feet in 100 meters deep choppy water.  It requires a minimum fleet of three hundreds plus vessels to sink precisely linearly. However the underwater current makes positioning further difficult and there is always the possibility of underwater movement.

The logistics of this operation is beyond any country’s ability and the Strait of Hormuz practically cannot be closed. The only thing that Iran can do is to harass the traffic within the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

I personally feel that Iran is trying to intimidate the Obama Administration and testing the United States to see their reaction. Until Iran’s nuclear capabilities are completed, they would be foolish to start an international incident.

Wednesday November 30, 2011

My dedication.

I have had an overwhelming inquiry from several people, including my family, asking about the reason for my motivation to expose Radical Islam. Perhaps it is time to reveal the Prelude of my book ” From Terror to Freedom” . I think that these heartfelt words explain it all.


Images that Shocked My Soul

I am speechless. I am numb! I cannot believe what I saw a few hours ago. I

am outside sitting on a bench in my garden, a place I often come to for solace. It is early afternoon but I am still wearing my morning house suit. I have a wet handkerchief in my hand and cannot stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks. I do not know how long I have been sitting here but gradually, with great difficulty, I start to remember why I am so overcome with emotion. I would like to erase from my mind what has happened.

Today my friend Bahman, another expatriate from Iran’s Imperial Navy, sent me an agonizing video. Two so-called Muslims are beheading two other Muslims. The man who was performing the violent act was using a very dull knife.Perhaps such an instrument was never developed to facilitate such a task. Back and forth, back and forth, he was visibly struggling. Triumphantly he finished and with his left hand he raised the bloody head and yelled, “Allah o Akbar” (“God is great.”).

I closed my eyes. I could not watch any longer. I had to escape into the sunshine. I ran out of my home office sobbing. It was almost impossible for me to gain any kind of composure. I tried to pull myself together, but I continued to ponder the horror of the video. It was during these moments that I began to reflect upon my life. Images of my own experiences flashed before me, and I realized that I could no longer remain quiet. The time had come for me to speak out!

I went through the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution. I have felt fear of those who have no respect for human dignity. I have seen and experienced a great deal. I do not claim to be a scholar, a historian, or most certainly not a politician, but I have a story to tell, and perhaps I can bring awareness to those who do not want to acknowledge what is still happening.

From the idyllic depiction of pre-revolutionary Iran, to concern over the continuing repercussions of the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution, this is the story of my life, my experiences and thoughts, and most of all, my hope that others can learn from the mistakes of the past in order to claim a better future.

Wednesday October 5, 2011

It is the time to turn around and focus on America.

Fact 1- Over 7000 American troops have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan since Sept. 11, 2001

Fact 2- The military morale is very low while facing two non winning wars.

Fact 3- American economy is in a very bad shape with national deficit at the highest.

Fact 4- The great majority of Americans are not happy with the politicians.

Fact 5- The Islamic quiet conquer in America is in full effect, hidden from the eyes of the politicians and Media.

Fact 6- In the present administration the terms “Islamic”, “Jihadists” are omitted from all terrorists correspondences.

Fact 7- We are not learning from the mistake Europe made. They Ignored the Islamic expansions during the last three decades, now facing massive assimilation problem.

It is time to turn around. Rather than fighting with Taliban, we must fight first the barbaric ideology that energizes Taliban’s and Islamic fundamentalists. We must educate the youth in the Islamic countries about the truth of Islam and its barbaric seventh century’s laws.

Saturday October 1, 2011

Islam in Georgia Schools

I received an article written by Pamela Geller and I found it interesting and I thought I should report it here on our Website. Please read all about in “U.S. Schools”.

Sunday September 11, 2011

As if there is no Islamic terrorist.

I have been reading and searching a lot to find out why the words “Islamic or Islamic Extremists'” are deleted from the National security Policies and we never see or hear the word Islamic associated with terrorists.

I found an article written by Ed Morrissey and posted on April 7, 2010. I thought it explains clearly that once again we are ignoring the main source of the problem and we want to be politically correct.

Here is the link. It’s worth to read.

Mano Bakh

Saturday September 10, 2011

9/11 Hand in Hand Remembrance..    I missed an historic event….

I am in Connecticut and a few days ago I found out that on Saturday, Sept. 10, (today) there will be a human chain, joining hands along the waterfront in lower Manhattan. The event needed registration. I registered and I was told that I was assigned to zone C which runs from the Southern edge of the World Financial Center’s North Cove to the World Financial Center Ferry Terminal.  I had to arrive no later than 8:30 AM and the event was supposed to begin at 8:46 a.m., the time the first plane hit the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Also the participants could visit historic Battery Park where they could post a message or memento on the Wall of Remembrance.  They said that a portions of the wall of remembrance would be displayed at the 9/11 Memorial Museum for years to come.

I prepared a sentence “We, Concerned American Citizens will never forget the Islamic Terrorism” to post.

I took the train for New York and unfortunately I could not arrive on time and I regret to miss this historic event.  I am in a busy Starbucks in Wall Street, New York, posting this message.

Saturday August 20, 2011

In memory of 9/11 we define ourselves

Who are the Concerned American Citizens?

Together, we are a group of American Patriots who support the growing movement to eliminate Shariah Law from the spiritual side of Islam, to encourage Moderate Muslims to identify the radicals in their midst and to seek Islamic reformation.

The teachings of Shariah Law within the mosque can incite actions involving Jihad. Some Imams in the United States claim that they are not promoting Shariah laws but only teaching the history of Shariah. However, by respectfully acknowledging these barbaric seventh century laws, it is our opinion that they are giving Shariah an element of respect that encourages young minds to feel it worthy to become the Jihadist, against the infidel, in the name of Allah.

To further confuse the issue of the definition of Shariah, there are those in the Islamic Community who are now fighting the Anti Shariah movement by publicizing and beautifying the word Shariah meaning “the path” of one’s life. It depends of course, on who determines that path. In Islam it is Allah’s path that should be followed. Allah’s words depicted by Mohammad give no freedom of choice to follow any other path but his, and any deviation is a punishable sin.

Concerned American Citizens feel that our knowledge and experience can be of help to others to pressure the American Moderate Muslims, who want to assimilate into American culture, to come forward and support our cause to eliminate Seventh Century Shariah Laws from spiritual Islam.

Concerned American Citizens support the Freedom of religion but cannot tolerate the inhumane Shariah laws as part of a religion.

In order to unravel this ball of yarn and establish trust Islamic reform is necessary.

Mano Bakh

Thursday July 28, 2011

What Shariah is….and Isn’t

Center for American Progress organized a so called
“Experts” panel discussion on July 26th 2011 in Washington DC to
discuss :

What Sharia Is – and Isn’t

It required a RSVP to attend. I requested a ticket
to participate. I was hoping to debate with the panel and be able to ask some
questions. Unfortunately I was not acknowledged, I was told that “This event is now full and we can no longer accept

After the symposium I receive a taped video of the event and watched it
without bias. Unfortunately, in my opinion it was a dog and pony show.

The so called “Expert” panel failed measurably to
demonstrate the truth about Shariah law and its devastating impact on any

I, as a former Muslim, decided to write what Sharia
is in my own simple terms.

In Islam “Life” is “Religion”. There is
no distinction between the two.  Islamic
law covers not only ritual but every aspect of life, as an individual or a group
regarding both civil and criminal justice. Collection of Shariah law is a totalitarian handbook
of all of what a person does in life. Individuals do not have the freedom of
self expression. because it is believed that all are obedient servants of
Allah. Muslims must follow whatever Allah has told them to do. Shariah law, in
my opinion, is a net holding mind and soul. Shariah law combined with the spiritual
side of Islam,can be defined as Islamism. There are severe punishments for any
deviation of Allah’s law.

In most Islamic countries the norms of  shariah have been incorporated into governmental
law. Shariah is regarded as the source of Islamic law and the law of the

Let me elaborate, Shariah law covers penal codes
for: Trade, Inheritance, Marriage, Divorce,
Justice, Dietary consumption, Liquor and gambling, Customs and behavior,
Burial Ritual, Human rights, Freedom of speech, Homosexuality, Women’s right,
Slavery, Shariah and Non-Muslims, Finance, Civil and International Law etc.
etc.  ……..

There are laws for everything and anything. There
are controlling laws for whatever an individual does including good or bad
dreaming. Nail Clipping, Cleaning Nostrils, mouth and teeth, Circumcising,
Using the right hand for eating and drinking………
The Shariah law tells every individual even when to go to bed and when
to wake up. What to do and say before eating a meal and what to do and say when
a meal is completed.  It dictates the direction
in which a toilet is placed, in what direction to bury the dead, what foot must
be placed first when entering a bathroom. Shariah law also tells the proper time
to have sex with wives and when to avoid sex with your wife.

In summary, Shariah law is a complete totalitarianism
system that encompasses all personal acts of human behavior as well as how to
govern an Islamic community. It is considered the Laws of Allah that supersedes
any man made law including those of the United States Constitution.

When any custom
becomes law and governs by self guilt and fear of gruesome punishment radical
actions are born.

Saturday July 23, 2011

Islamic inquisition

Recently, I listened with fascination to Maryam Namazie when she was speaking in Dublin. Her words were the following:

Brutal and criminal Sharia law is the most implemented legal code worldwide. It is not because it is the most popular; it is because we are living under Islamic inquisition. They call it the fastest growing religion in the world and they are not including all those who leave Islam or those who want to leave Islam if they were allowed.

Islam has not grown among the general public. It is on opposite. Its record is on the political arena. Stoning, decapitation, amputation, child marriage, sexual torture of entire generations in the Islamic countries….

I am in full agreement that we are living under Islamic inquisition!!!!

Sunday June 05, 2011

Shariah Law in Simple form

We have to note that, the Muslim religion is very different from Christianity. In the Koran and in the hadiths there are many sacred laws, which Muslims around the world refer to as Shariah law. Many believe that Shariah Law is the word of Allah, even though there is no evidence of such claim in the Koran.

Shariah law regulates the way of life for individual Muslims and Muslims as a group.  This Shariah law includes their private life as well as the lives of Muslim communities.

The most controversial Islamic laws are being taken from barbaric times with the emphasis on family law, including Marriage, divorce, custody of children, infidelity, polygamy, inheritance as well as alcohol consumption, gambling, prostitution, Female dress and Shariah finance.

These laws are no longer applicable in the twenty first century. It is time for Islam to reform.

Friday June 03, 2011

Speaking in Whittier Republican Women Federated

I have been invited to speak to the Whittier Republican Women Federated organization today (Friday June, 03, 2011) at luncheon. . I am going to use this opportunity and speak about our crusade and the importance of American Moderate Imams joining us to denounce barbaric Shariah laws. 

If you are in the area, please join me for lunch in Friendly Hills Country Club 8500 Villaverde Drive in Whittier, California.

Friday May 27, 2011

Islam’s First true reformation in America

I had my second constructive meeting with Imam Shamsi Ali in the Islamic Cultural Center of New York. Very openly and friendly, we discussed and exchanged opinions regarding the Islam reformation and separation of Barbaric Shariah law from the spiritual part of Islam.

I am now collecting my thoughts and writing our  conversation and agreements. At the present time I am also preparing myself to return to California. Therefore,  I am hoping in a few days I will be ready to publish our discussion which will demonstrate the first step for Islam reformation in America.

Monday April 25, 2011

Murder That’s About to Change the World

Nobody could have known that the dinner they were about to eat would one day change history. Some say it was goat. Others say it was lamb.

Either way, it was poisoned.

And the guest of honor was Mohammed, founder of Islam.

It was just one bite, that’s all it took. He tasted the poison and immediately spit it out. But it was too late. He would soon die as a result, sparking a bitter and deadly divide.

After Mohammed was gone, nobody could agree about who should take over Islam.

And they’ve been killing each other for that reason ever since.
On the one side of the fight, you’ve got the Sunni Muslims. They’re the ones that run Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and many of the other countries in the Middle East.
On the other, you’ve got the Shia Muslims. It’s the Shia that run Iran. They also now run Iraq. As well as Lebanon and Syria. How bloody is this centuries-old battle?
Think Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland… Serbs vs. Croats in Bosnia… or even the religious Thirty Years War that ripped apart Europe in the 16th century.

Only this Sunni-Shia split has built up pressure now for the last 1,354 years.
But it’s only now that this pressure has found its ultimate release —   with Iran driving a new Shia uprising smack dab in the middle of the most dangerous place on Earth — the oil-soaked Middle East.
Isn’t the Middle East already a mess? Yes, it is.
What’s different is that too many in the West… right up to the Pentagon and even the White House don’t “get” just how deep this Islam divide
could go or how far it could run.

The 162-Million-Man March
Nobody knows exactly how many Shia there are right now in the Middle East. That’s because in all but four Middle Eastern countries, Sunni leaders don’t bother to count.
Sunni schools teach that Shiites aren’t real Muslims. Shias don’t get a seat in government.
They can’t become judges or even testify in high courts. In Sunni-run Saudi Arabia, Shias and Sunni can’t even marry.
For centuries, the Shia have been the underclass.   But now, for the first time in history, they see this as their chance to turn the tide. And how big a tide is it? Hands down, saber-rattling Iran has the most — 70 million Shia.
But then you’ve got the “liberated” Shia of Iraq — 22 million. Plus as many as 2 million Shia in Iran-backed Lebanon. And up to 4 million Shia in Iran’s top ally, Syria.
Then you’ve got another 700,000 Shia in Kuwait… up to 500,000 Shia in Bahrain… up to 400,000 Shia in the United Arab Emirates… 300,000 Shia in Oman…   and around 100,000 Shia in Qatar, according to the Pew Research Center in Washington.
On top of that, as many as 10 million Shia in Yemen… another 7 million Shia in Azerbaijan… and 11 million Shia in Turkey…not to mention the combined 30 million Shia in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Not all Shia want a revolution.
But out of between the 147 million to 162 million Shia spread from Pakistan to Lebanon and Azerbaijan to Yemen, enough do that this is the river of
“Secret Revenge” and common blood running through the entire Middle East.
The Sunnis are worried. Especially in Sunni-run Saudi Arabia and especially now.
Here’s why…

“Secret Revenge” Flashpoint #1:

The Real Reason Iran Wants the Bomb
Don’t forget, Iran used to be Persia.
At one point Persia was the biggest and most powerful empire in history!
, Syria, Turkey, Egypt — even Israel — the Persians controlled them all. Along with all of Afghanistan and Pakistan and most of the oil-rich coast of the Caspian.
For 300 years, Persian armies held off the Roman Empire. Their scholars walked with Aristotle and Plato. And influenced Greek art.
It was the Persians who invented chess. And the windmill.  Not to mention bricks, algebra, trigonometry, and wine.
The bottom line is… no Empire forgets its past glory.
The Iranians resent losing theirs.  But now they see a chance to get it back.
The nuclear bomb?

Tehran’s crackpot leaders don’t just want it to scare Israel. They want it so they can throw a dark shadow over their Sunni Arab neighbors, too!

Iran’s First Move…

With total control of the Hormuz “oil chokepoint” in the Persian Gulf and new power in “liberated” Iraq, the Iranians have a brand new foothold for kicking off the long-awaited “Shia Revolution.”
You’ll notice two things.
First, you’ll see how Iran’s Shia influence has spilled across the border into southern Iraq. Southern Iraq is where you’ll find six of Iraq’s eight “Supergiant” oil fields. It’s also where you’ll find a key border with Shia Islam’s mortal enemy — Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia
is Sunni.
For eight years back in the 1980s, Saudi Arabia helped Iraq wage a bloody war against Iran.  Along with other Sunni governments, the Saudis even gave Saddam over $47 billion to launch missiles and nerve gas attacks over the Iranian border.

Iran hasn’t forgotten. Or forgiven

that Iran has almost total control over the Strait of Hormuz. Hormuz is the tight waterway that connects the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. Over 17 million barrels of oil have to pass through Hormuz every day. That’s 40% of all the oil shipped in the world.
And 90% of all the daily oil shipments from the entire Middle East.
With Hormuz alone, Iran could cripple the world overnight.
Today, Iran backs Shia militants in Iraq. They give them money and guns. They’ve even helped Shia politicians take over the Iraqi government. Why?
Because gaining control in Iraq takes the Iranians one step closer in their twisted plot for secret revenge.
For another one of those steps, just look further south… to

“Secret Revenge” Flashpoint #2:

Yemen’s Ugly Secret
The Pentagon has just tripled its budget on Yemen.
Top U.S. General Patraeus just had a not-so-secret meeting with Yemen’s president.
And our own State Department calls Yemen a “threat… to global stability.”
What gives?
Even ABC News just called Yemen the next “top target” in the terror war and a “near-perfect haven for terrorists.” Obama just sent Yemen our troops, ships, and weapons.
Here’s what’s happening…

The Shia Revolution’s Next New Front…

Yemen‘s on/off Shia revolution gives and “Gate of Tears” oil chokepoint could soon give Iran a strategic “backdoor” attack point into Saudi Arabia…
Yemen might be a failed country… with a collapsing government, a shrinking oil supply, an exploding population and not much of anything else but lawlessness and chaos.

But what Yemen does have is position.
It sits just on the tip of the Arab peninsula… south of another key Saudi border and on the coast of another key oil strait called Bab-el-Mandeb. That name means the “Gate of Tears.”
And like Hormuz, most oil states on the Red Sea can’t get a drop of oil out without shipping it through the Bab-el-Mandeb. Over 3.3 million barrels go through every day.
Blocking this chokepoint alone could slap a $30 “political premium” on the price of every barrel of oil…
but there’s an even bigger threat taking shape.

For the last six years, Yemen has fought a vicious and bloody war with Shia rebels. These rebels are poor. There’s no way, says a Yemen general, these rebels “could fund and fight this war with pomegranates and grapes… no doubt there is Iranian support.”
Could it be true? Absolutely.
Iran loves to buy loyalty.
Take the $1 billion Tehran now “donates” every year to Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon. Or the billions they gave Syria’s Shia president to build cement factories, car factories, power plants, and storage silos.
In return, Iran gets Hezbollah’s Arabic-speaking terrorists to run militant Shia training camps in Iraq.
And gets Syria to distribute Iran’s money and weapons to others in the Shia network.
The secret money Iran sends to Shia rebels in Yemen could soon have a payoff too — by opening up another route for “backdoor” Shia access into Saudi Arabia.
‘s rebels have already hit towns across the Saudi border. And the Saudis have hit back, losing dozens of troops in the process. We’re just in the first innings of this one.
How bad is it?
So far, 50 Saudi schools along the border have had to close. Another 240 border towns have already been evacuated.
And Saudi jets have already dropped bombs in Yemen.
What exactly has the
Saudis running scared?

“Secret Revenge” Flashpoint #3:

Iran’s Final Prize — Saudi Oil
Don’t think for a minute that I think Iran’s plot for “secret revenge” could succeed.
But the threat alone could be enough to kick oil much higher.  And sooner than you might think.
For instance..
Our CIA, Britain’s M16, and other top spy agencies say
Iran could have a working nuclear bomb as soon as April 2011…
The Times of London uncovered a confidential document that says Iran already has a “neutron initiator” ready to test. That’s the part you  need to trigger a warhead.
And Der Spiegel, the German magazine, says Iran may even have the tech and material to build a simple nuclear bomb before the end of THIS year. But the Bomb is just a beginning.
Even if the go ahead to build a nuke never comes from Iran’s top cleric, the more immediate danger is a wildfire of Shia-Sunni unrest… starting in Iran’s new hotbeds of Shia support… and spreading across the rest of the Sunni-run oil states… with the richest oil fields in the world’s richest oil nation as the final battleground.

The Final Battleground — Saudi Arabia!

Suddenly, Iran has its mortal enemy, Saudi Arabia, surrounded — millions of Shia even live on top of the Saudis OWN biggest oilfields.
As you can see, Saudi Arabia looks like a sitting duck. Iran has a Shia network that reaches from Afghanistan to Lebanon once again… more connections building along the Persian Gulf… Yemeni Shias to the south… and Shia connections along the oil rich Caspian Sea.
You could see this spread to the nearly two million Shia that live and work on Saudi Arabia’s oil fields very soon. Even though that’s exactly what the Saudis —   and our own Pentagon — hope will never happen.

As you read this, big and small Gulf states are piling up weapons, stocking anti-missile batteries, and sandbagging their oil terminals, ports, and water desalinization plants…
Abu Dhabi alone has already bought $17 billion worth of U.S. anti-missile hardware.
And the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia just splurged on weapons, to the tune of $25 billion.
As you read this, our own F-16 fighter jets, Patriot missile systems, giant cruisers and up to 20,000 more U.S. troops are quietly digging in for an epic fight… that could spread past Iraq and Yemen… and even into Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.
All to get ready for what could be the fight of a lifetime…

Say Hello to the “Jihad Generation”
It’s not just our experts saying it.   Leaders in all three of America’s biggest Middle East allied countries — Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia — claim the epic Sunni-Shia showdown is in the cards.  It could start from any one of the flashpoints I just named.
But no matter how it starts, Saudi Arabia is where it’s most likely to end up. Why?
Not only is Saudi Arabia home to Mecca, Islam’s holiest place… but it’s also home to the corrupt and U.S.-allied Royal House of Saud,
considered an insult to all Islam.
Think about it.
In a country where they’ll cut off your hand for stealing and whip you for holding a glass of whiskey…
Saudi princes gorge on cocaine and prostitutes, gambling, palaces, and more.
All while the vast Saudi underclass starves on just $6,000 per year and 30% unemployment. And as many as two million of that underclass is Shia. With a 1,354-year-old ax to grind and billions of dollars in oil revenues as the prize.
It’s a near-perfect formula for a FULL-ON war.
And the fuse is already lit.

Iran is ready to assert its place in the world. Think Japan or Germany in the 1930s.
The threat is there, it’s large, and it’s not going away anytime soon.
How the world responds, we can’t know. But I can tell you how oil could respond… by exploding to new record highs.
Possibly as high as $220 per barrel by spring of the coming year… with gas not topping out until it hits as much as $8 per gallon.

Wednesday April 20, 2011

America’s Affair with Islam

Is it the unknown that keeps the affair going? The intrigue, the speculation, what goes on behind closed doors? In this case, the doors of the mosque. The speculation continues, are there terrorists in our midst? Is there hidden danger? Perhaps, not much different than an affair between a man and a woman. The secrets destroy the trust and America continues to question.

What is being preached to American Muslim youth? Why do home grown terrorists continue to emerge? Perhaps again, the answers are buried deeply within the pages of the Koran. Muslim fundamentalists have gone back through ancient writings and have chosen to emphasize the barbaric seventh century laws that must be followed in order to please Allah. Praise and martyrdom is to be rewarded in paradise by those who kill the infidel. Obviously pain is to be inflicted in order to please the last prophet Mohammad, whose words say it all. Conquer, Convert or Kill. What current Imams and Islamic extremists encourage the strict interpretation of the Koran? Unfortunately they are here in America. The 9/11tragedy and Major Nidal Hassan prove that tale.

Until moderate Muslims come forward and reveal who in their midst continues to perpetuate evil, we will have bloodshed. Until Moderate Muslims join the crusade for reform and “Red Pencil” the outdated Islamic laws in the Koran that do not apply to the twenty first century we will have injustice.

Is our country in danger as strife and bloodshed rage throughout the world? For now, there might be those who are in search of democracy, but the Muslim Brotherhood is emerging as a force, in an already Islamic culture, with a different agenda. They are here in America, slowly infiltrating across our country with the continuous growth of mosques. This quiet conquer might be ready if an overwhelming world force of Islamic domination gains the upper hand. Will America buckle?

Oil unfortunately makes this country beholden to those who manipulate us, who hate us and would love to control us.

Our president and our politicians are weak, our news media is ill informed, and our people are complacent. We must start to speak our concerns, we are confronted with evil. The truth will win only when we speak out and prepare ourselves, otherwise those who want to destroy us will win!!!

Monday April 11, 2011

My quest to identify Moderate Islam in America.

Please read my interview with Imam Shuaib Ud Din, Utah Islamic Center, article in the Home page.

Saturday April 9, 2011

Mystery of President Obama’s Birth certificate?

Any child being born from a Muslim father is automatically a Muslim. In the Muslim countries, they write the name of the newly born child with the date of birth on the last page of the family Koran.

If the child is born in a non-Muslim country, where they issue a birth certificate, printed in a non Arabic language, then the family writes on the birth certificate in Arabic, “In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Mercifulour child is born.

Is it a possibility that we may find the Islamic, Arabic writing on Obama’s birth certificate which has been hidden from the eyes of the public?

Thursday April 7, 2011

Iran, Then and Now

Before Revolution 1979 and now 2011

Population was 34M, now 64 M, almost twice as much in 31 years.

Unemployment was 2.9%, now more than 12.5%

Average income was $100.00 per month, now less than $60.50 per month

Dollar was 70 Rials and now Dollar is more than $8,000 Rials.

University graduates were 1.6 M has increased to 4.0 M

Number of cars in Tehran were 800,000, now 1.73 M

Before Islamic Revolution: Women had freedom of attire. They could dress as they wished they could choose any color and style. Fashion was part of everyday life. Tehran was considered a fashion capital and hungry to compete with the rest of the world in the latest styles.

Family planning (Birth control, two children per family) was promoted.

Women were regarded as equal in a court of law. They were laws that protected women against divorce and loss of custody of children.

Iran was famous for their hospitality, oil, Persian carpets and cats.

Now: Islamic republic is ruled under a supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, elected by the assembly of experts. (A group of Mullah’s)

Air pollution in Tehran is the highest in the world. It is caused by the Iranian post revolution cars assembled in Iran

Women are required to wear some kind of Islamic dress, from the traditional chador (no longer colorful and flowery but almost universally black) to a modest coat and a scarf.

Family planning has been  abandoned.

Younger generations are rebellious. They desire western fashion and music, All are anti-Islamic and are forbidden by the regime.

Almost 60% of women attend universities, however only 13% of female college graduates go into the workforce.

Islamic law “Shariah” rules in Iran.

Blood money—-  (compensation paid to families if they are killed fighting for Islam).

Legally, a woman is worth half that of a man (Shariah Law)

Women are not allowed child custody (Shariah Law)

Divorce is much easier for men than women (Shariah Law)

Tuesday April 5, 2011

Moderate Muslims are cordially invited……..

Until Muslims stop insisting that their Islamic customs be respected by imposing them on American Citizens, there will be outrage.

Until this country’s political leaders take the time to educate and study Islamic laws that supersede our constitution and are being protected under “The religious freedom Act”, there will be outrage.

Until moderate Muslims, who enjoy the freedom in America, and kept silent, move away from seventh century Islamic law,——there will be outrage.If silence remains and this type of reform does not begin, then it can be assumed that all Muslims are content with the current Muslim Brotherhood agenda to seek, through submission, world Islamic domination.

There would not be bigotry against Muslims if they would stop hiding behind the United States Constitution in order to justify their non spiritual demands.

America is the home of many who practice freely their respective religions. We live together in peace and harmony. We assimilate and are grateful that democracy allows us freedom. Why must we fear what is being taught by Muslim Imams who were raised in Islamic countries that live by Allah’s rules, derived from the Koran depicting Mohammad’s words “Conquer, Convert or Kill”. History proves this to be true. Moderate Muslims, let’s engage, please answer our concerns. Can we trust?….

Our country is at a crossroad. The chain of the mosques that circle our country are rapidly growing. We Concerned American Citizens call this movement the “Silent Conquer”.  When the time is right could another 9/11 find a supportive Islamic body, within the walls of the mosque, committed to aggressive submission, Jihad?

We are all influenced by our early teachings and the environment in which we grew. The East and West live very differently. The majority of Muslims who have come to this country from Islamic countries should remember their oppressive Islamic beginnings and not want to support what has, through history, not been kind to mankind. Fear of alienating Allah has motivated the continuation of respect for the dark side of Islam.

Many Islamic countries are in terrible turmoil, but can we, in America, with the needed help of the Islamic community come together? Can the guilt incurred by setting aside some of Mohammad’s Hadiths be accomplished?

If we can find common ground, there could be understanding; However, if not, as Americans we must continue to speak out and question in order to protect the United States of America from those who might not respect us but might attempt to destroy us.

This confusion must be addressed. This website is available to exchange ideas. Let the commentary begin….

Sunday April 3, 2011

The time is now…..

The Muslim religious leaders must open their mind in this modern time. It is the time for reform, especially in America. Since December 2010, we have been witnessing a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests in the Arab world in the Middle East and North Africa. To date, there have been evident signs of movement  in Tunisia and Egypt; a civil war in Libya; major protests in Algeria, Bahrain, Iran, Djibouti, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Oman and Yemen; and minor protests in Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Western Sahara. All are linked to Islamic suppression. It is time for Muslim authorities to separate Islamic governmental laws “Shariah” from the spiritual part of Islam.

Saturday April 2, 2011

Yes, we must be concerned of what is going on inside a mosque. House of homegrown terrorists.

The power of hate in Islam. Please click and see this video “Losing our sons”

It is the time, it is the only way…..

The exposure of those who support seventh century Islamic Law “Shariah” is mandatory. A moderate Muslim must practice a Moderate Islam. Reform will come only when American Muslims find the courage to join the growing  crusade to rid America from the Muslim brotherhood and their organizations whose wealth and power comes directly from oil rich countries, committed to seventh century Islamic law “Shariah’.

Only in America

I do not know if it is democracy, freedom or stupidity.

The people from the third world countries, with fanatical Islamic  backgrounds, come to America and become Imams of the mosques in our communities. We allow them to preach and guide our children, without knowing anything about them and their agenda. Let’s think a little!!!

The first declaration of human rights

by: King Cyrus 2500 years ago.

Please watch:

Monday March 21, 2011

The game of wait and see………Results of Egypt’s Referendum.

NPR says: The Muslim Brotherhood has strongly campaigned for the adoption of change in Egypt and advocates the installment of an Islamic government. The ambivalence of its position on what role women and minority Christians would play, remains questionable as to whether they would be allowed to run for the position of president or judges. This is of concern to many segments of society.

Final results of Saturday’s historic referendum show that 77.2 percent of voters have backed constitutional changes in what was the freest vote in Egypt in more than half a century, but opponents say the results give an unfair advantage to Islamist-dominant entities such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the former ruling National Democratic Party.

Sunday March 20, 2011

Today at 04:20:45 PM PST is the beginning of spring for the world. Iranians and millions of people around the world celebrate this day as the beginning of the year.  The winds of change in the Middle East are way over due. Let’s hope that this is the season…..

Saturday March 19, 2011

Looking back to the coverage of the Peter King hearing, it was appalling that National news primarily focused on Congressman Keith Ellison’s testimony and skimmed over Dr. Zuhdi Jasser ‘s presentation that followed our crusade to bring forward moderate Muslims who have the courage to denounce and separate Islamic  Law “Shariah” from the spiritual side of Islam with the desire to assimilate and live under the United States Constitution.

Friday March 18, 2011

Florida Law: United States Constitution, Islamic Law “Shariah” or Quran?

Please see this ruling based on Islamic law ” Shariah” in Florida.

Thursday March 17, 2011

Unfortunately the liberal press misquotes our message and disregards our concerns. We the Concerned American Citizens of  Temecula have created our own voice of fairness and educated truth. ….. History is our teacher but our website gives you the tools to do your homework, then you decide. Please join in our quest to protect our constitution by not bowing in silence to those who are trying to use our freedom to destroy us.

Islamic law “Shariah” has no place in America.

Wednesday March 16, 2011

A knowledgeable man with courage.  

Lt. Colonel,  Congressman Allen West

Tuesday March 15, 2011

France waited too long. We must not. Please see this video.

Monday March 14, 2011

My goal is to INFORM the American citizens about what is happening within our country with the subtle advancement of Islamic law “Shariah”. Money is pouring in from Saudi Arabia to attack our country from within. I call it the “Silent Conquer”. In Muslim terms it is called Dawa. In future years after our country has been infiltrated with the chain of mosques and Islamic propaganda has been included into our schools and universities curricula, it is my fear that aggressive jihad will emerge in order to complete final submission.


3 responses to “Commentary By Mano Bakh

  1. I personally thank you for all of your hard work to inform us about Islam and yes we need more people like Lt. Colonel, Congressman Allen West, I only hope that we can get him on our Tea Party ticket for the President of our United States of America, I think that he has what it takes to turn this great country around to our constitution. tank you for your great concern and dedication to save our country.

  2. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I’m quite sure I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

  3. Mano,
    Thanks for all your endeavors to lead in the reformation of Islam. The moderate Muslims must join with us to irradicate the 7th century barbaric laws that perpetuate terrorism in the world. The citizens of the US must gain knowledge about Sharia before they can stand up to it’s threats. We must not be intimidated by terms such as “Islamophobia” and threats from CAIR.
    Jackie Raspler

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