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Separating Islamic Law, Shariah, from the spiritual side of Islam.

Separating Islamic Law, Shariah, from the spiritual side of Islam

Islam in America with no Islamic Law (Shariah).

It is time to expose the moderate Muslim. Will the Moderate Muslim be willing to eliminate aggregious seventh century Islamic Law  “Shariah” from the spiritual side of Islam?

It is also time to take a role call on this subject and hold all moderate Muslims accountable. If these moderates wish to practice only the spiritual side of Islam and desire to assimilate into the American culture, reform is mandatory, let it begin!!!

It is time to separate the spiritual side of Islam from Islamic Laws, Shariah.
We support freedom of religion but not the barbaric laws incorporated in
Islam that supersedes the United States Constitution. 

This signed petition, when completed, will be sent to every Congressmen, Senator and Governor in the United States of America.


Do you know what a dhimmi is?

by Dangers of Allah

by creepingsharia

Last year around this time, we posted a video titled The Dhimmi Contract along with an article titled Embracing Dhimmitude.

If you weren’t a reader then, take a moment to review the video, then read the post below from RenewAmerica.com.

By Victor Sharpe

Ask one hundred people in the United States what a dhimmi is and perhaps two or three might know. In Europe the number would be slightly higher because of latent memories of battles fought against invading Moslem armies over the span of hundreds of years.

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Hamas Leader Endorses Ground Zero Mosque

Posted by Sun Tzu

One obvious question for those who support the Ground Zero mosque has been, “Do you think the terrorists support it?”  In other words, will the radical Muslim terrorists consider it a victory if they see a Mosque established a 4-iron away from the American location where 3000 people were incinerated, forced to leap 80 stories to their death, or crushed by falling debris in the name of Islam?  Today, the New York Post answered that question:

'WE HAVE TO PRAY': Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf (inset) got  support  from Hamas co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahar (above left, with Gaza  political  leader Ismail Haniyeh), who spoke on WABC Radio yesterday in  favor of  Rauf's proposal to build an Islamic center in this downtown  location  two blocks from Ground Zero.

A leader of the Hamas terror group yesterday jumped into the emotional debate on the plan to construct a mosque near Ground Zero — insisting Muslims “have to build” it there.

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