“The quiet conquer” is no longer quiet in England

As a patriot you become outraged by seeing this video. We must educate ourselves and keep America free from Islamic invasion. We do not want to see our towns being invaded under the cloak of freedom of religion. Please watch the video and write your comments.
You may need Cut and Paste…..

2 responses to ““The quiet conquer” is no longer quiet in England

  1. Suzanne St. John Rombach

    I am not surprised or shocked by this. We have had our eyes and ears closed to the truth about these tyrants for a long time. Now they are in the US. The saudi’s are investing mega dollars in our universities, our lower schools are being taught lie after lie about islam (seven chapters in the books re the merits of mohammed and only one chapter on the Roman Empire and one chapter on the Byzantine Empire) and why aren’t the parents raising a ruckus? Look at Dearborne, Mich, San Diego, CA. etc. We are being broken down. Why isn’t the ACLU giving them as much hell as they are the Christians? Again, we are asleep, America. Europe looked the other way when the nazis were taking over and it took the US to invade and concur during WWII. Who will save the world now? God help us all!

  2. This is disgusting I posted it earlier this morning. Hey amigo, let’s catch up, J.C.

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