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Conversation with Imam Shamsi Ali

By Mano Bakh

The Islamic Cultural Center of New York is a Mosque in Manhattan, New York City. It is on third Ave, between East 96th and East 97th streets. The Islamic Cultural Center was the first mosque built in New York City.  Shamsi Ali, a native Indonesian is the Imam of this mosque and he is known for his outreach; speaking at interfaith events with Jewish and Christian leaders, connecting mosques and synagogues and teaching classes about Islam to non-Muslims. Continue reading


Meeting Imam of Islamic Society of Mid Manhattan

By Mano Bakh

Imam Ahmed Dewidar and Imam Mohammed Dewidar

The six-story building on East 55th street was purchased by the Islamic Society in 1999. The Bank of Kuwait was the creditor of the loan. At present time they owe only $1.7 million to the bank. Two people are donating $500K each and they have cash of $200K and are asking donations to cover the $500K balance. On every floor of this building there were at least four donation boxes next to the elevator and inside the rooms. Continue reading

Separating Islamic Law, Shariah, from the spiritual side of Islam.

Separating Islamic Law, Shariah, from the spiritual side of Islam

Islam in America with no Islamic Law (Shariah).

It is time to expose the moderate Muslim. Will the Moderate Muslim be willing to eliminate aggregious seventh century Islamic Law  “Shariah” from the spiritual side of Islam?

It is also time to take a role call on this subject and hold all moderate Muslims accountable. If these moderates wish to practice only the spiritual side of Islam and desire to assimilate into the American culture, reform is mandatory, let it begin!!!

It is time to separate the spiritual side of Islam from Islamic Laws, Shariah.
We support freedom of religion but not the barbaric laws incorporated in
Islam that supersedes the United States Constitution. 

This signed petition, when completed, will be sent to every Congressmen, Senator and Governor in the United States of America.