Islamic Hush

Since the beginning of the Arab Spring in the Middle East, there has been a HUSH regarding Islam in the United States. Dictators have been eliminated as America has watched and cheered. Democracy was the goal in Egypt, Libya and other countries but, unfortunately the ideology based on seventh century law and known as Sharia is now slowly emerging. The Muslim Brotherhood is out in the open and gaining ground. With the power of the dictator diminished another power, the Brotherhood Power, is coming forward. True, freedom can only be enjoyed when man does not feel guilty about thinking for himself. Mohammad’s recording of Allah’s words are harsh with unjust consequences for anyone who dares to be accepting of other philosophies religions and governments that do not honor and practice the laws of Islam. Allah’s words govern and there can never be true freedom until man realizes that he has the right to think freely, for himself, as well as the desire to respect the rights of his fellow man.

Has the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East quietly given further credence to the Brotherhood in the United States? It all depends if America allows this to happen. Americans must educate themselves in order to understand the dangerous threat that faces the infidel here in this country as well as the remaining free countries around the world.

Why is the face of Major Nidal Hassan, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab the underwear bomber,  Manssor Arbabsiar a naturalized U.S. citizen holding Iranian and U.S. passports and attempted, assassin of a Saudi Ambassador on American soil, the downing of one of our top secret Drones, all kept  relatively quiet? Is it political correctness that has produced a HUSH. This is questionable and could explode into the most unexpected danger that the world has ever seen.

Is the world’s unstable economy masking the “Islamic Hush” or is it the United States current foreign policy that, out of fear, smothers any criticism of Islam’s Sharia in order to keep peace with Iran and other Muslim allies. We have dismissed large numbers of our military and bought loyalty from those who want to kill us in order to say we are at peace with the world. Are we gathering Arab countries from the Sunni sect that oppose Iran’s Shiat sect in order to form an opposing force that can control our Iranian enemy? Do we as American citizens dare mention the word Muslim terrorist or the Axis of Evil without being called bigots or un-American?

While Christians are being murdered in Egypt and women are being raped in streets, at man’s will, we are supposed to use gentle language, not question any hostile egregious acts and neglect our support for Israel, all because our current administration does not have the courage or the strength to confront a growing and powerful force that seeks world domination.

The Islamic Hush will continue until we the people educate ourselves about the growth of Sharia practices in America. There have been Honor killings as well as the practice of Islamic Family laws that a few American judges have illegally bowed to. As we look behind the doors of Islam in the United States we will see a quiet growth and acceptance of laws that supersedes our constitution.

As nuclear technology rapidly advances through the world and becomes empowering to those who hate us, the “Islamic
” could quickly surface and show an unexpected strength. Along with nuclear refinement, the two could provide a clash that might come sooner and more unexpectedly than America could prepare for.

We must first remain knowledgeable and then become vocal in order to protect the freedoms we have that are protecting those who wish to incorporate their own Sharia based ideology in the United States of America.


4 responses to “Islamic Hush

  1. That’s because the US has an illegal Muslim resident that has screwed up so many time he has a rudderless foreign policy. Of course he will say nothing about Islam or the Muslim “Winter” Jimmy Euro

  2. I am in my 60’s and I have never heard so much emphasis on the “Islamic/Muslim” religion since Barack Hussain Obama took the Presidency of the United States. Is he the one that is supposed to make it easier for the Muslim religion to spread over the globe as a cancer spreads in a living thing? Think about it!

    Deeply Saddened!

  3. Dr. George Rombach

    Well said! America is definitely asleep at the wheel! We cannot lay all the blame at Obanation’s feet as he is well supported by our Congress and our Courts for whatever their corrupt reasoning may be. It’s well past time to hold them all responsible and ourselves for being their silent accomplices. Wake Up America!

  4. Thank you Mano, and God, bless you. You are so right we have a president that is not quilfied to be where he is but was bought and placed in power by uninformed greedy people that have raped our treasurey thru cunning and well planned methods. However we have a powerful God, that is in charge that will make the corrections as needed within this year 2012. Then we can and we will take corrective action as needed.

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