Pandora’s Box

By Jacqueline Le Beau ——- A Concerned American Citizen

I am a concerned American Citizen. I have worked with Mano Bakh, author of From Terror to Freedom, for six years. My study of Islam; opened doors for me that were troubling and difficult to understand. Behind those  doors I often found dark figures expounding death in order to bring glorious  rewards for those who were working for the expansion of a religion that openly supports the killing of another.

Bigotry is the word used against those of us who dare to  question the practices of Islam, yet they, who hide behind the “persecution accusations”, are cleverly practicing the worst form of bigotry against  all who dare to question a barbaric ideology within the Islamic religion.

Silently, others within the faith watch and condone. If Moderate, why don’t they speak out and condemn  the Radicals? Is it fear of being accused of apostasy,  including the punishments that follow, or is it the acceptance of those who dare to become the martyr for the expansion of Islam? Perhaps the fear of Allah’s wrath, interpreted by Mohammad, is the true reason for silence.

Until those in the “house behind the doors”, decide to remove the dark figures that lurk in the corners and until they have the courage to initiate reform, there will always be danger for those who try to expose the facts regarding a religion of confusion.

It is very clear that one person’s understanding of right is another’s commitment to wrong. The harshness of one GOD cannot be understood by those who believe in a GOD of forgiveness and love.  The battle always remains between “Good and Evil”—–“Right and Wrong”.

Since 9-11, we in America have accepted the removing of our  shoes in an airport and endangering our bodies to radiation. Even though our  liberties have been taken from us, we cowardly accept the ranting of those “Politically  Correct” who preach leniency for others who keep the lid tightly closed  on —- “Pandora’s Box”.


5 responses to “Pandora’s Box

  1. Well said, the Islamist coined the term “Islamophobia” to intimidate us. We must all encourage the “moderate” to initiate reform within the Muslim community. Support must be given to those Muslims who call for reform of their ancient laws. This is required to prevent and abate terrorism.

  2. The millions of so-called “Moderate Muslims” that live peacefully with Christians, Jews, and other non-believers of Islam are actually individuals who are fortunately ignorant and confused about their religion, and technically not Muslims. A true Muslim will find him/herself at the position of – just like Rezwan Ferdaus said – “not having a choice” but to commit Jihad against the unbelievers of Islam, just as clearly mandated by the Quran.

    • concernedamericancitizens

      The Barbaric laws of Islam belong 1400 years ago. Today, in this modern age the American Moderate Muslims have the responsibility to come forward and initiate Islamic reformation exactly as Christianity went through reformation 400 years ago. Our mission is to encourage the American Moderate Muslim to join together and put pressure on their Islamic authorities to preach only the spirituality of Islam.

    • concernedamericancitizens

      Thank you for your comments. We both have lost a country to radicals, who in the name of Allah are killing innocent people.
      We must continue to expose the truth.
      Mano Bakh

  3. Ralph D.R. Caracoza, Jr.

    MANO…I so enjoyed reading both your and Jacqueline’s articles. Please keep up your good work along with your up to date research on your comments. Ralph D.R. Caracoza, Jr.

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