Shariah Terror is Here in America—-

What can we do to defend female human dignity?

Islamic Law is creeping into our courts. American Judges are compromising our judicial system when Imams, brought into our courts, by Muslim men, who claim that Islamic religious rights must be considered when making judgments regarding family law cases.
Unfortunately, not all religions respect the rights of women. With the influx of immigrants coming from Islamic countries, American women are experiencing the terror of seventh century law. These laws known as Shariah have been accepted, without question, by those who have been denied freedom of thought and given no other choice but to follow the rules of honor set down by Allahs words and interpreted and depicted by Mohammad.
We as Americans must deal with this situation and educate our daughters and sisters about the frightening threat Islamic laws bring to them.  The blending of cultures is the integrated fiber that makes America unique.
Unfortunately, we seem to be dealing with cultures who do not want to assimilate into that special fiber. Because of extreme differences in the interpretation of honor set down by the strict Islamic law, when our daughters and sisters enter permanent relationships with males from foreign Islamic countries they might be involving themselves with a completely different set of marital rules. The dangers that could follow are life threatening, brutal and heart breaking especially in regard to child custody cases. Because the dark side of male Islamic honor might not be revealed until it is too late, this clash of cultures must be understood and exposed. It appears that a different set of standards defines honor and what is right in Islamic law.

Seventh Century Laws:

1. Consider women as not created complete because they are not created as men they are considered to be only half the worth of a man.

2. Gives males the right to govern their daughters according to the standards set down by Allah.

3. Gives males custody of his children in divorce cases.

4. Gives the male the right to beat his wife as he sees fit.

5. Empowers men to divorce their wives when they so desire.

The above are only a few of the Islamic laws that are being practiced in the United States. The terror of honor killings has come to America and although not frequent, cases of Islamic family law have increased.
American judges must not be influenced by Imams who do not adhere to American laws of human dignity and try to encroach upon our constitution by claiming that their laws apply because they are protected under freedom of religion.
Mano Bakh, founder of Concerned American Citizens, fled from the terror of radical Islam in order to enjoy the freedoms of the United States. Mano Bakh, came out of hiding to speak out about the creeping acceptance of Shariah in our country and his concerns for American women and the future generation.


2 responses to “Shariah Terror is Here in America—-

  1. Mano, you and Amil Imani, are but a few that can take action and go to court to give your expierence to the court and your knowledge of these Koran laws that are so out dated and these young people that are brainwashed from the time they are babies to the time they get of age to give their lives for a myth that does not exist in heaven.. The court should listen to you two ex-muslims that have your hearts & minds set to save the USA, from more damage and also save many many lives. We thank both of you for all of your hard work and love for our country the USA. God bless you both
    frank and maria

    • concernedamericancitizens

      Thank you Frank and Maria,
      It is the Supreme Court that needs to re-evaluate the Islamic Laws that have nothing to do with spirituality. We must write to our congressmen and senators and make them aware of the massive governmental laws that are incorporated into Islam. Your concern is highly appreciated.

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