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Former Muslim Says Dangers Remain at Home and Abroad

Director of Concerned American Citizens, warns of the West’s naïve approach to Islam 

SAN DIEGO, July 14, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — “Islam is a government of its own. It has its own laws for every facet of society and they are in complete disagreement with the United States Constitution,” says Mano Bakh, a former officer in Iran’s Imperial Navy.

Bakh believes the West has got to be more vigilant in how it deals with Muslims living in their midst. He says there is no separation of church and state, that according to Muslims, Shariah Law is preeminent over any Constitutional laws. In From Terror to Freedom: A Warning about America’s Affair with Islam (Publisher’s Design Group), Bakh warns that the brutal tenants of Shariah Law led to the destruction of a modernizing, U.S. allied Iran in 1979. He fears that too much tolerance will bring a similar result to America and Western Europe.

“I have personally watched a moderate Muslim country’s transition into a barbaric society,” says Bakh, a former Admiral in the Iranian Navy who fled for his life under Ayatollah Khomeini. “We welcome all who come to America, but we must remain informed and watchful against those who would destroy our freedoms.” Shariah Law, he says, is trumping our laws in many courts of Europe and the U.S.

Bakh was born a Muslim, but became disenchanted with a religion that allows no room for non-believers, has harsh punishments for petty crimes, has a consistent history of destroying individual liberties and basic human rights, and devastates the economies and cultures of the nations it dominates.

“Islam is a government of its own,” explains Bakh. “Islam operates completely on its own without any respect for the Constitution or other religions that disagree with Mohammed’s words, ‘conquer, convert, or kill.'” Bakh understands this well after narrowly escaping certain execution in his native country shortly after Khomeini came to power.

In From Terror to Freedom, Bakh serves a fair warning to the U.S. that American policies are not stringent enough to deal with Islamic aspirations. “If we, as a country, do not become aware of the devil of Islam another 9/11 will not be necessary. Islamic groups from all around the world have now turned the clock back to the days of Mohammed.”

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3 responses to “Interview with Christian News Wire and other media

  1. I fully agree with all that you state we need to do just as you say to get rid of any Shari law here in the USA, thank you for this warning and God bless you.

  2. Americans ned to get their head out of the sand, this idea of Islam being just like any other religion is going to lead to the destruction of our way of life if our people dont wake up–keep sounding the alarm Mano–we need more like you

  3. We need to do what the Canadians did and denounce such happenings
    here in American… also Australia is acting very strongly against any
    develolment in their country…WAKE UP AMERICA

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