Shariah is just plain unconstitutional

Today, I saw an article on the web and I am putting part of it for you to read:

Did you know that Islamic Shariah law has been creeping into the American system of justice for DECADES, usurping the Constitution in courts all across the country?

YOU READ THAT RIGHT. There have been over 140 cases filed throughout the United States that addressed Shariah law — with 137 of them being in Family Court.

The American Public Policy Alliance has a condensed list of 17 legal cases in 11 states where plaintiffs or defendants attempted to use Shariah law — including Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

SHARIAH LAW — that’s MUSLIM law, which calls for the oppression of women, oppression of non-Muslims, strict dress codes in public, and so much more… the kind of stuff we see in Middle Eastern countries all the time.

But this is AMERICA, not the Middle East! Nevertheless… we’re seeing judges agreeing to USE Shariah in more and more court cases:

  • New Jersey family court Judge Joseph Charles decided NOT to grant a restraining order to a woman who was sexually abused by her Moroccan husband and forced repeatedly to have sex with him, ruling that her ex-husband felt he had behaved according to his Muslim beliefs!
  • Circuit Court Judge Richard A. Nielsen earlier this month ordered that a civil dispute between current and former leaders of a local mosque be decided under “Ecclesiastical Islamic Law” — even though one side does NOT want to be subject to Shariah law!
  • A Court of Appeals in Texas has ruled that something called the “Texas Islamic Court” is legitimate – the appellate court appears to have upheld sharia law in a divorce, requiring that the parties be bound by this “Islamic Court”!
  • In Dearborn, Michigan, Christians who were doing nothing more than speaking to people at a Muslim “festival” were arrested and charged with various crimes… that multiple YouTube videos PROVED they were NOT DOING AT ALL!

In yet another report, it’s also confirmed that Shariah is usurping the Constitution in courts across America:

“At the trial court level, 22 decisions were found that refused to apply Shariah; 15 were found to have utilized or recognized Shariah; 9 were indeterminate; and in 4 cases Shariah was not applicable to the decision at this level, but was applicable at the appellate level.

At the appellate Court level: 23 decisions were found that refused to apply Shariah; 12 were found to have utilized or recognized Shariah; 8 were indeterminate; and in 7 cases Shariah was not applicable to the decision, but had been applicable at the trial court level.

The 50 cases were classified into seven distinct ‘Categories’ of dispute: 21 cases dealt with ‘Shariah Marriage Law’; 17 cases involved ‘Child Custody’; 5 dealt with ‘Shariah Contract Law’; 3 dealt with general ‘Shariah Doctrine’; 2 were concerned with ‘Shariah Property Law’; 1 dealt with ‘Due Process/Equal Protection’ and 1 dealt with the combined ‘Shariah Marriage Law/Child Custody.’

The 50 cases were based in 23 different states: 6 cases were found in New Jersey; 5 in California; 4 each in Florida, Massachusetts and Washington; 3 each in Maryland, Texas and Virginia; 2 each in Louisiana and Nebraska; and 1 each in Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio and South Carolina.”

Let me say this again: this is not some POSSIBLE threat, some time in the “far-off future” — this threat is RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE. As I said before: it’s already happening in states like Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

The links above tell the story… but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Radical Islamists are trying to get Muslim “Shariah” law used by AMERICAN judges AS YOU READ THIS.

Thankfully, we have some very wise legislators who have seen these “signs of the times,” and are trying to DO something about it, by introducing bills to PREVENT the use of Shariah in American courts… …….. It seeks to supplant our Constitution with its own totalitarian framework.” In other words, Shariah is just plain unconstitutional:



2 responses to “Shariah is just plain unconstitutional

  1. It will really become seriously Unconstitutional when Obama is gone. The plans are in the works right now Mi Amigo, J.C.

  2. wake up dust off the brain and think,, I know if a person steals something we have courts ,now class. we cut off the hand or other crimes adultery we stone you death or whatever, So one little example for the intelligentsia. If you live in the middle east fine,,, If your forefathers wrote this constitution and Bill of rights and fought with blood for independence .you have to understand, we are not America, It the the culture, yes there, here we have Habeis corpus trial by jury,,, wake up and smell the coffee the tea whatever WAKE UP , I know you are awake because I can see USA is getting smart , I hope very smart,. I want America to be what we are not some unrecognized where did our country go, you don’t want to say to your children and grandchildren let me tell you about what america was , this is fact not fiction,, get on board and take back your country, God Bless America God bless Herman Cain,

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