Eliminating Shariah in America

Mano Bakh’s commitment, author From Terror to Freedom

Let’s examine Shariah, who supports Shariah in the United States of America?

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In America, polygamy and domestic abuse are happening behind closed doors. Cases involving the practice of Shariah continue to be revealed. Perhaps, the silent support for Shariah is more significant than realized and protected by the moderate Muslims who simply fail to unite and report the abhorrent behavior of Islamic law, Shariah. They remain quiet about their knowledge of Muslims who secretly practice Shariah within their Muslim communities and Mosques. It is time for them to speak out. Do they remain quiet because of fear?

There are others who work diligently to overpower the United States Constitution in favor of Islamic law. They fight under the guise of religion, as they infiltrate into businesses, government agencies and schools where they demand respect for their complete totalitarian ideology, part of which has nothing to do with prayer.

Shariah demands are not being addressed or questioned within our White House. Our politicians remain quiet. Peter king is the one bright spot in Washington. He brings attention to the seventh century Islamic laws that supersede our constitution.

City councils throughout the country are paving the way for mosques that are coming into their communities. There are no demands for an open door policy. The mosque instead, is compared to the church, where transparency is not an issue. Community citizens have no idea as to what is being taught behind the closed doors of the mosque. It is time for our country’s political leaders to address this situation and give community leader’s protection against threats from CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood and affiliated Islamic organizations. These Islamic associations immediately attack any issue that questions the expansion of mosques that are rapidly ringing our country. This quiet conquer must be stopped until each community Imam has the courage to stand up and denounce Barbaric Islamic law “Shariah”. Do they remain quiet because of fear or do they believe in seventh century Islamic Law “Shariah”?

It is time to call attention to the moderate Muslim. Do they eliminate the governmental side of Islam that includes “Shariah”? It is also time to take a role call on this subject and hold all moderate Muslims accountable. It should not be difficult to become transparent, if these moderates wish to practice only the spiritual side of Islam and desire to assimilate into the American culture, reform is mandatory, let it begin!!!

As a former Muslim, now an apostate and proud American, I have committed myself to demand answers from the Imam’s throughout the country, as well as all publicly admitted moderate Muslims, to come forward and declare their denouncement of barbaric Shariah law. Because of my personal background, I have a good understanding of Islam. I understand the fear associated with any deviation from the Quran and Muhammad’s words. I also understand, the spirituality involved in praying, shoulder to shoulder. Prayer should be respected; however, seventh century laws and the Islamic agenda to conquer by submission can not be tolerated.

The demands for Islamic trappings such as foot baths and separate bathrooms for Muslims must be eliminated. Demands to pray at inconvenient times can be adjusted to more appropriate times. All of these trappings are demanded and expected to be protected under the religious freedom act. These demands are constantly being used to intimidate non Muslims. They have nothing to do with the spiritual side of Islam.

There are a few Imams and Islamic authorities in America who might be open to begin twenty first century Islamic reform. It is my desire to personally address Imams through out the United States and initiate dialogue with each of them. If they are ready to join the crusade against Barbaric Shariah, then come forward and use the Concerned American Citizens website (www.ConcernedAmericanCitizens.org) as a platform. One moderate Imam who is willing to come forward to initiate Islamic reformation might find an unprecedented number of supporters.

I, Mano Bakh, will take it upon myself, as an apostate, to try to clarify just who we are dealing with. If there are already Muslims who have eliminated the egregious part of the Quran and accept the United States Constitution as the most powerful creed of the country, then step forward now. It is time for all Muslims in America to join together and publicly denounce all Islamic terrorist attacks and Islam’s goal for world domination under Shariah Law.

If this can not be initiated, then we must conclude that moderate Muslims do not exist. We are dealing with an enemy that must be identified and confronted. If this initiative program can not be accomplished, then there is no need for political correctness because the practice of Shariah law, that supersedes our constitution, becomes treason.


3 responses to “Eliminating Shariah in America

  1. Thank you Mano, this is a great article keep up your hard work and I hoipe that your new book sells out at all the book stores and web sites.

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  3. Mano, you are creating public awareness to the issues involving Islam. They are different that other religions because of their political approach and adherence to Sharia, which is incompatible with our US Constitution.
    Yes , we embrace the spiritual side of Islam but not the political with Sharia. They must start reform and do away with the 7th century barbaric laws.
    Look what happened to Lebanon and Turkey and now Europe to name a few. Thank you for your dedication to this important endeavor!

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