Zudi Jasser What it means to be a Muslim American

Jasser was born in Wisconsin. He is a son of Syrian immigrants. He and his wife and their two children reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He served in the US navy 11 years as a medical officer. His tours of duty included Medical Department Head aboard the USS El Paso which deployed to Somalia during Operation Restore Hope; Chief Resident at Bethesda Naval Hospital; and Staff Internist for the Office of the Attending Physician to the United States Congress.

Views on Islam

In 2003, Jasser founder the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), a liberal Muslim group with the stated mission to demonstrate that Islam is compatible with democracy and American values.

Jasser calls political Islamism “the root cause of Islamist terrorism” and a matter on which it is “time to take sides.”[ He said that moderate Muslims need to recognize Israel as a state, to stand against radical Islamist groups by name, not by theory, tactic, or condemning terrorism, but by name—Hamas, Al Qaeda and other groups.

Jasser’s quest is to resurrect the doctrine of the Mu`tazilah, a group in early Islamic history which stated that reason was as important as revelation, and that the Qur’an was a created (not co-eternal with Allah)book and that humans had free will.

He has denounced Hizbut-Tahrir America as “a conveyor belt to terror”, and said the U.S. needs to “start to provide Muslim youth an alternative to where America is not demonized but where we change the narrative and start to promote groups that are reformist.”.

The AIFD supports Israel, saying “we feel it is necessary to make a foundational position statement regarding the state of Israel. We stand in support of the existing unqualified recognition of the state of Israel behind internationally recognized borders.”

In 2010 he strongly opposed the Cordoba House mosque being built near Ground Zero, saying:

For us, a mosque was always a place to pray…—not a way to make an ostentatious architectural statement. Ground Zero shouldn’t be about promoting Islam. It’s the place where war was declared on us as Americans.”

He also said:

There should be transparency about who those investors are, whether that money is coming from domestic interests or not, and if it’s coming from foreign interests we need to know, because I think that’s a liability, and it shows that there is another agenda rather than domestic security and tranquility.


One response to “Zudi Jasser What it means to be a Muslim American

  1. As an American Muslim I totally agree and support Dr. Zuhdi’s views and approach to combat Radical Islam here in America first and everywhere. I have been in America for 41 years of my 60 years on this earth and 31 of those in NW Arkansas. I love America and the State of Arkansas where I am settled now . I believe in giving back to this country for all that has afforded me and my family . I try to do what is right in my small community and it troubles me to see those radicals mixing the Mosque and State in the Islamic World and now they are trying to bring that here to America .
    Dr.Zuhdi please keep me informed and let me know as to how I can be of any help .

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