Ground Zero for the Mosque Resistance

Karen Lugo

Red Country

There is still time — and there are many reasons — to stop the Ground Zero Mosque. The siting of a mega-mosque so close to Ground Zero has focused critical attention on the issue of mosque placements all across the United States.

The fact that we are caught with no standards by which to assess this imam’s grand mosque project – or so-called community center — spotlights the need for a national mosque litmus test.

Between a blind fixation on free speech, freedom of association and a general sense that anything called religion gets a pass from government scrutiny, Islamists are free to set up shop in America’s towns and cities with little more than random protests. The Ground Zero Mosque has become a flashpoint for a long overdue national discussion.

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5 responses to “Ground Zero for the Mosque Resistance

  1. consernedamericancitizens

    Wow did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today. Don’t think you did so well in a debate class and your critical thinking skills are lacking big time. You would try to equate a number of nut jobs in America with a Cult that is based on murder, torture, female genital mutilation, pedophilia, stoning? If you are a Muslim, God help you, you have no where to go, you are born into a lifestyle the prevents you to leave. That’s a religion? Don’t think so.

  2. concernedamericancitizens

    I really think you need to crawl back under that rock you came from. Better yet, try reading something helpful about Sharia Law. Maybe you can learn something.

    • consernedamericancitizens

      Thank you for your intelligent reply to our site. Perhaps we know a bit more of the evils of Sharia than you do? Try being civil and make a coherent post, you will be treated the same way. Cheers. P.S. Please stop by if you would like some coffee to help you wake up.

  3. I am of the opinion that this is a wholly propaganda issue that has and will continue to take the people’s eyes off of more important ones. I appreciate your impassioned post though and see how so many people are concerned about this. However there are surely Muslims worshipping in that general area any way as part of their daily practice so I see no real issue with the Mosque. It was not Muslim that attacked us but men!!

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