Islamic Supremacist Mosques: A Primer for Protest

Pamela Geller

Emboldened by their man in the White House, the Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is ratcheting up their offensive on patriotic Americans who dare to challenge Islamic supremacism and the creeping Sharia (Islamic law) into secular American life.

On Thursday, CAIR published an Action Alert entitled “Action: Report Harassment by Anti-Mosque Protesters.” In it, CAIR (which the Justice Department named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation jihad terror funding case in 2007) calls on Muslims in the United States to “report any harassment of worshippers attending Jummah prayers tomorrow and throughout the month of Ramadan.”

CAIR is using the Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda minister) method to construct false narratives and bogeymen. There is no harassment.

This is all part of CAIR’s attempt to create from a whole cloth yet again a narrative of victimhood regarding Muslims in the U.S., when it is their Islamic machine that relentlessly smears, demonizes, attacks, and attempts to destroy those who are fighting for basic human rights for all.

The Alert claims that there has been “general Islamophobic hysteria generated in recent months by anti-mosque and anti-Islam extremists” and notes that “on September 11, extremist groups plan to hold a rally in New York in opposition to a planned Muslim community center in that city. The keynote speaker at the rally will be anti-Islam extremist Dutch politician Geert Wilders.” (Actually Wilders will be among a number of prominent speakers, including former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, journalist Andrew Breitbart, 9/11 family members, and others.) CAIR also refers to protests against mosques taking place in Texas, California, and elsewhere.

The vicious CAIR operatives warn Muslims about harassment at anti-mosque protests. The Hamas-linked group tells its minions to be alert and contact police and CAIR “if protesters go beyond the constitutionally-protected right to free speech in a public area — for example, if protesters trespass on mosque property or physically harass worshippers.”

This is a lie. This does not happen. The only protesters who are ever harassed, victimized or physically assaulted are supporters of Israel, who have been brutalized many times at pro-Israel rallies. There is plenty of evidence and documentation of that.

We have witnessed a number of “recent attacks on mosques” that turned out to have been perpetrated by Muslims.

So be on guard.

That said, this smear campaign is a call to action. CAIR directs Muslims to “take video and still photographs of the protest and send to CAIR.” Why? Because they want to catch someone doing or saying something, or holding a sign, that they can use to defame the entire protest as “racist,” “bigoted,” “extremist” and the like.

Remember: we are at war. We are fighting for our nation, for our values, for the Constitutional principles of freedom that made America great. We are at war for the freedom of speech, the equality of rights of women, and the freedom of conscience – all of which are denied by Islamic law. We are at war, and CAIR is on the other side. The war of ideas is full on.

We are in a war in the information battlespace. Each and every one of us is a general in this war. Think like one. If you are protesting against the building of a mosque in your area, do not play into the hands of the enemy. Do not give the enemy ammunition. Do not carry inflammatory signs. Do not bring dogs, or pigs, or pork chops, or other things that Muslims find offensive to the mosque site. Stick to the facts. Be righteous. Ask yourself, how will the media and the Islamic supremacists frame this?

This is not kowtowing to Islamic sensibilities. This is fighting to win. Focus on the ties to terror groups and Islamic supremacist groups that mosque organizers almost certainly have. Focus on the links to the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization dedicated to “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within” – most mosques in the U.S. have some Brotherhood links.

Focus on their refusal to condemn jihad terror groups, as they almost certainly will. Focus on their funding, which will almost certainly be questionable. Focus, in short, on the facts, not on emotional or angry appeals or attacks that CAIR will use to shift the focus away from Islamic supremacism and jihad and onto Muslims as the supposed victims of “bigotry.” Remove  infiltrators and plants from your protests whose aim is to make you look bad. FDI and SIOA will have a lot of security at the 911 rally to immediately remove infiltrators, agitators and plants.

In other words, fight strategically. Fight smart. Fight so as to win. We are fighting to defend a civilization dedicated to human dignity and human rights. Let us be worthy in the defense of that great civilization.

Now sing the National Anthem one more time…

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Posted by Pamela Geller on Saturday, August 14, 2010 at 03:30 PM in  ShareThis


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